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Keeping Bees and Other Pollinators

Find the beekeeping information you need to help bees survive, as well as other important information related to other pollinators.

4 Ways to Attract Bats to Your Farm for Natural Pest Control
Beat the pests that feast on your crops by creating bat habitats on your farm.

Butterfly Puddling
Bring butterflies to your garden by giving them access to puddles.

How to Clarify Beeswax with a Solar Wax Melter
Honey isn’t the only thing your bees are producing—harvest beeswax from your hives, too.

How to Build a Single-chamber Bat House
Build this wall-mounted bat house to foster bat habitats on the farm.

22 Fruits, Flowers and Herbs to Attract More Bees to Your Farm
Want to attract more bees to do your pollination dirty work? Plant a variety of crops you both can enjoy.

3 Hive Types And How To Choose The Right One
As a beginning beekeeper, you’re not limited to one type of hive design. Give some additional consideration to best home for your bees.

3 Ways To Harvest Honey
One of beekeeping’s great joys is harvesting honey—here are three methods you can use to get your hands on that golden nectar

4 Safety Tips For Beekeepers
Beginning beekeepers need to take these precautions so they don’t get stung when managing their hives.

4 Ways to Invite Bees to Your Orchard
Recruit a team of hard workers to pollinate your fruit and nut trees by implementing bee-friendly practices in your orchard.

4 Ways to Keep Bees More Naturally
Take a holistic approach to beekeeping to encourage bee health and harvest better-quality honey.

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