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Crop Profiles

Learn more about farm crops with these crop profiles.

Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
Herbs not only taste good, they can also treat common ailments. Discover more uses for what grows in your garden.

11 Herbs for Indoor Container Gardening
Keep these herbs on your windowsill for easy access to ingredients for adding to recipes and scented crafts.

18 Vegetables for Your Autumn Garden
Fall is rich with hearty root vegetables and nutritious greens. Give the garden one last go before winter arrives with these cool-loving crops.

3 Problems that Could Ruin Your Garlic Crop
Watch out for these top diseases and pests that threaten your garlic crop and could keep you from growing this culinary favorite for years to come.

4 Hardy Fruit Shrubs to Beautify Your Farm
Grow berries for your favorite desserts and breakfast dishes while adding a touch of ambiance to your landscape with these fruit-bearing shrubs.

5 Carrot Cousins to Grow in Your Garden
Carrots, celery and parsnips—oh my! Not sure what members of the Apiaceae family to plant first? Try these heirlooms on for size.

6 Ways to Prep Your Soil for Better Carrots
Grow beautiful, straight, unblemished carrots by cultivating good soil health from seed planting to harvest.

7 Diseases that Could Be Killing Your Beans
Down on your legume luck? Identify what could be plaguing your crop and take steps right away to remedy the situation.

8 Healing Uses for Farm-grown Herbs
Put away the first-aid kit. Your farmland is home to a number of medicinal herbs that can be used to treat what ails you.

9 Soil Tips for Growing Better Asparagus
For better-tasting asparagus and beds that last for decades, turn your focus to the dirt.

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