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Mother Nature's Planting Guide

Take some cues from nature--even the zodiac--and discover what agriculturalists knew about the affect of the moon and the planets centuries ago.

More Guidance from Mother Nature
How else can nature influence plant growth in your fields and gardens? Click here to read the rest of Amy's article>

Each sign of the zodiac is said to have special characteristics that influence plant growth. Before setting out with your garden to-do list, take a look at the general qualities of each.

Capricorn—Earth sign: dry and productive. Good for planting root crops, as well as grafting fruit trees.

Aquarius—Air sign: dry and barren. Take advantage of this time for cultivating and tackling weeds.

Pisces—Water sign: moist and productive. This is a great time for planting.

Aries—Fire sign: dry and barren. Not surprisingly, this is good for attacking pests and cultivating to inhibit weed growth.

Taurus—Earth sign: moist and productive. Because it’s an Earth sign, it’s good for planting root crops.

Gemini—Air sign: dry and barren. This is a good time for harvesting produce for

Cancer—Water sign: moist and very productive. This is most likely the best time to plant and transplant.

Leo—Fire sign: dry and barren. Harvest for storage, as well as battle weeds and pests.

Virgo—Earth sign: moist and barren. This is a good sign to plant vines.

Libra—Air sign: moist and somewhat productive. Plant flowers and herbs under this sign.

Scorpio—Water sign: moist and very productive. Tomatoes are best transplanted under Scorpio, but other varieties do well, too.

Sagittarius—Fire sign: dry and barren. Harvest root vegetables or prepare soil.

- Amy Grisak

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Mother Nature's Planting Guide

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