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Slate Turkeys

Slate Livestock

Use of Slate Turkeys:  Slate turkeys were originally selected for their coloration. They serve as a meat producing turkey due to their size, but many strains have been selected for exhibition qualities and their productive capabilities are not well documented at this time.

Courtesy P. Allen Smith - Garden Home Retreat

Slate Breed Profile

History of Slate Turkeys:  Contrary to popular lore, it is now believed that Slate turkeys are not a cross between Black and White varieties but a true genetic mutation of its own. This is a very old variety as Slate turkeys were admitted into the first American Standard of Perfection in 1874.

Conformation:  As their name implies, Slate turkeys should have plumage that is slate-colored or ashy blue all over. Some small black dots are permitted on any part of the plumage. Standard weights are: Old Tom: 33 lbs., Young Tom: 23 lbs., Old Hen: 18 lbs., Young Hen: 14 lbs.

Special Consideration/Notes on Slate Turkeys:  Slate turkeys do not reproduce in uniform colors; offspring may be black or various shades of blue, slate or lavender.

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