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Hobby Farms Poll Results

What motorized equipment do you use to work around the farm?

Poll Results
Compact tractor     (12%)
Full-size/utility tractor     (10.77%)
Sub-compact tractor     (9.85%)
ATV/UTV     (10.77%)
More than one of the above     (29.23%)
I don’t use motorized equipment.     (27.38%)
Previous Poll Results

What winterizing activities are a must on your farm?

Poll Results
Stockpile animal feed    (4.26%)
Seal drafts in the farmhouse    (1.70%)
Perform equipment maintenance and winter-proofing    (9.79%)
Clean out and mulch the garden beds    (9.79%)
Fix fences and gates    (4.26%)
More than one above    (58.30%)
Something not listed    (11.91%)
Past Polls
Do you raise your own Thanksgiving turkey? 11/01/2015
What's your favorite thing to harvest in the fall? 09/30/2015
Do you allow children to take part in butchering on your farm? 08/30/2015
What is the primary purpose of a tractor on your farm? 07/26/2015
Do you kiss or snuggle your chickens? 07/19/2015
Do you work closely with your butcher on choosing cuts for your meat animals? 07/05/2015
Do you keep top-bar hives? 06/28/2015
Are you growing cucumbers this year? 06/21/2015
How much of your food do you source from with in 100 miles? 06/14/2015
Do you raise your own beef? 06/07/2015
Do you raise rabbits? 05/24/2015
Do you have problems with orchard pests? 05/17/2015
Do friends or extended family like helping out around the farm? 05/10/2015
Do you keep a dairy to provide milk for your homestead? 05/03/2015
Do you keep a container garden? 04/26/2015
Have you ever included edibles in a rain garden? 04/19/2015
Are you growing lettuce in your spring garden? 04/12/2015
Where do you store your flock's eggs? 04/05/2015
How long have you kept cattle? 03/29/2015
Do you think "farm-to-table" is just a fad? 03/22/2015
What do you do to increase your farm's egg sales? 03/15/2015
How often do you do maintenance on farm fences or gates? 03/08/2015
Do you use items grown or produced on your farm to barter? 03/01/2015
How often do you use items grown or produced on your farm to barter? 03/01/2015
Do you travel off-farm during your farm's off season? 02/22/2015
What livestock predators are you concerned about on your farm? 02/15/2015
Do you raise ducks for eggs? 02/08/2015
Have you written a farm business plan? 02/01/2015
Do you sell anything besides meat or produce at the farmers' market? 01/25/2015
Do you compost with worms (aka vermicompost)? 01/18/2015
Do you write a month-by-month garden plan? 01/11/2015
Do you keep your compost going in the winter? 01/04/2015
What are your favorite greens to grow? 12/25/2014
What's on your farm's holiday wish list? 12/14/2014
What do you do to boost pollinator populations around your farm? 12/07/2014
What's your biggest farm priority this winter? 11/30/2014
Do you have a go-to farm sitter when you need to go out of town? 11/23/2014
Do you keep bees for pollination purposes? 11/16/2014
Do you sell produce at market? 11/09/2014
Have you ever apprenticed on a farm? 11/02/2014
Do you feed treats to your chickens? 10/26/2014
Do you produce raw milk on your farm? 10/19/2014
Are food/farming issues important to you as you prepare to vote on Election Day? 10/12/2014
Do you keep yaks on your farm? 10/05/2014
Do you cook in cast iron pans? 09/21/2014
Do you have a barn on your property? 09/14/2014
Is your summer garden still producing? 09/07/2014
Would you rather eat: 08/31/2014
Did you grow eggplant this year? 08/24/2014
Do you drink raw milk? 08/17/2014
Are your chickens' eggshells so thin they break before you can use them? 08/10/2014
Have you ever rescued a farm animal? 08/03/2014
Are harlequin bugs a problem on your farm? 07/27/2014
How do you use your greenhouse? 07/20/2014
Do you grow okra? 07/13/2014
Have your crops been affected by powdery mildew? 07/06/2014
What type of tomatoes are you growing? 06/29/2014
Do you use companion plants to control pests in the garden? 06/22/2014
Do you butcher your own meat? 06/15/2014
Do you take a holistic approach to beekeeping? 06/08/2014
Do you use vertical gardening techniques on your farm? 06/01/2014
Do you use vertical gardening techniques on your farm? 06/01/2014
Have you ever made compost tea? 05/25/2014
Do you foliar feed your crops with liquid fertilizer? 05/18/2014
What social media sites do you use most often for either farm promotion or personal use? 05/11/2014
Are you giving your mom a farm-inspired gift for Mother's Day? 05/04/2014
Do you operate a farm-stay for tourists who want to spend time on your farm? 04/27/2014
Do you plan to make a farm-equipment purchase in the next year? 04/20/2014
Do you grow your own livestock feed? 04/13/2014
Do you help deliver baby animals on the farm? 04/06/2014
Is there fracking activity near your farm? 03/30/2014
How do you plan to deter garden pests this year? 03/23/2014
Is there a farmers' market in your town? 03/16/2014
Do you use a smartphone app to track your chickens’ nutrition? 03/09/2014
How often do you take advantage of your local cooperative extension? 03/02/2014
Are you currently looking for grant funding to start a farm? 02/23/2014
Do you use homeopathic remedies on your livestock? 02/16/2014
Are you GAP certified? 02/09/2014
Do you start seeds in soil blocks? 02/02/2014
Do you start seeds in soil blocks? 02/02/2014
What kind of eggs do you sell from your farm besides chicken eggs? 01/26/2014
Do you use the HobbyFarms.com calendar to learn about farming events in your area? 01/19/2014
Have you tried marketing your farm products to local restaurants? 01/12/2014
Do you supplement your family's food supply through hunting? 01/05/2014
Do you plan to sell at a farmers' market in 2014? 12/29/2013
Do you decorate with evergreens for the holidays? 12/22/2013
Do you make holiday crafts with your kids? 12/15/2013
Do you breed cattle? 12/08/2013
Do you start seeds indoors in the winter? 11/29/2013
Are you eating a heritage turkey at your Thanksgiving feast? 11/24/2013
Do you harvest your own maple syrup? 11/17/2013
Do you use a pressure canner? 11/10/2013
Do you raise beef cattle? 11/03/2013
Did you save seeds from this year's garden? 10/27/2013
Do you use a livestock or equine grooming product? 10/20/2013
Do you show or exhibit livestock? 10/13/2013
Do you dress your farm animals in costume for Halloween? 10/06/2013
Do you have working farm dogs? 09/29/2013
Do you keep chickens? 09/22/2013
Do you use permaculture design principles on your farm? 09/15/2013
What farming practices do you use on your farm? 09/01/2013
Do you breed goats for milk? 08/26/2013
Do you like to buy new or used garden tools? 08/18/2013
Do you use Google+? 08/11/2013
What are your favorite types of recipes on HobbyFarms.com? 08/04/2013
Do you use a geothermal system to heat and cool your farmhouse? 07/28/2013
Have you made your own plant-based milks? 07/21/2013
Do you use cover crops in your backyard or kitchen garden? 07/14/2013
What do you do to encourage native bees to pollinate your farm? 07/07/2013
Have you noticed an influx of spiders on your farm this year? 06/30/2013
Do you raise pastured pigs? 06/23/2013
What products do you offer as part of your farm’s CSA? 06/16/2013
Do you grow mushrooms on your farm? 06/09/2013
What is your favorite style of barbecue? 06/02/2013
Do you use working goats on your farm? 05/26/2013
What is your favorite color of tomato to grow? 05/19/2013
Do you want to learn more about wild birds on your farm? 05/12/2013
Have you ever grafted tomatoes? 05/05/2013
My favorite homesteading projects take place: 04/28/2013
Do you own a tractor? 04/21/2013
Would you be interested in having a barn-style home? 04/14/2013
Do you subscribe to digital magazines? 04/07/2013
Do you use a rain barrel to water your garden? 03/31/2013
Do you use the Hobby Farms event calendar for information on upcoming workshops and conferences in your area? 03/24/2013
Do you make fermented foods? 03/17/2013
What is the next improvement you want to make to your barn? 03/10/2013
Do you save seeds from your garden? 03/03/2013
What kind of fencing do you have on your farm? 02/24/2013
To what level do you accessorize your chicken coop? 02/17/2013
Have you started seeds for this year's garden? 02/10/2013
How old is your farmhouse? 02/03/2013
What composting method do you use? 01/28/2013
Do you line dry your laundry? 01/21/2013
Do you integrate chickens into your garden for pest and weed control? 01/14/2013
Have you ever re-queened a bee hive? 01/07/2013
Did you set a 2013 New Year’s resolution for your hobby farm? 12/31/2012
Do you know how to prevent the roofs of your farm buildings from collapsing under snow? 12/24/2012
Do you grow microgreens? 12/17/2012
Do your kids help you cook? 12/10/2012
Do you treat your farm animals to gifts around the holidays? 12/03/2012
Have you collected your farm’s last harvest of the season? 11/26/2012
Do you use a tractor on your farm? 11/19/2012
Do you use high tunnels on your farm as a season extender? 11/12/2012
Do you keep dairy cattle? 11/05/2012
Do you till your farm garden? 10/29/2012
Do you subscribe to the free HobbyFarms.com newsletter? 10/22/2012
Do you grow herbs for medicinal purposes? 10/15/2012
Do you host autumn agritourism events on your farm? 10/08/2012
Do you write a blog about your farm? 09/30/2012
Do you encourage native wildlife on your farm? 09/24/2012
Do you keep small or miniature livestock? 09/17/2012
Is your farm certified organic? 09/10/2012
What type of mulch do you use in your edible garden? 09/03/2012
Do you plant organic seeds? 08/27/2012
Will you have a child participating in FFA this year? 08/20/2012
Do you grow grapes on your farm? 08/13/2012
What is your favorite way to preserve excess harvest? 08/06/2012
How has the country's widespread drought affected your hobby farm? 07/30/2012
Do you make your own stocks or broths? 07/23/2012
Do you grow grain crops on your farm? 07/16/2012
Do you have a livestock first-aid kit prepared for emergencies? 07/09/2012
If you keep livestock, do you have a large-animal vet or poultry vet in your area that you trust? 07/02/2012
Do you raise hogs for pork? 06/25/2012
Do you can your farm produce? 06/18/2012
Which of these marketing strategies have you tried on your farm? 06/11/2012
Have pests been a problem for your crops so far this growing season? 06/04/2012
Do you raise bees for honey? 05/28/2012
Do you have a root cellar? 05/21/2012
Do you raise grassfed beef? 05/14/2012
Do you practice agroforestry on your farm? 05/07/2012
Have you ever applied for a grant for your farm? 04/30/2012
How big is your dream farm? 04/23/2012
How do you maintain your farm equipment? 04/15/2012
What is your first go-to source for farming advice? 04/09/2012
How much of your family’s food do you produce on your farm? 04/02/2012
Do you hunt as a way to feed your family? 03/26/2012
Is your farm enrolled in a land-conservation program? 03/19/2012
Do you use the social networking website Pinterest? 03/12/2012
What type of concentrate do you feed your cattle? 03/04/2012
What birds do you keep on your farm besides your traditional barnyard poultry and fowl? 02/27/2012
Which pet would you welcome into your farm home in addition to a dog or cat? 02/20/2012
Have you ever made your own wine? 02/13/2012
Have you ever hosted a wedding on your farm? 02/06/2012
Do you have an e-reader? 01/30/2012
What type of videos would you like to see more of on HobbyFarms.com? 01/23/2012
How often do you seek out your local cooperative-extension office for farming-related information? 01/16/2012
Have you considered forming a farmer's cooperative with other producers in your area? 01/09/2012
Do you sell eggs from your farm? 01/02/2012
How are you ringing in 2012? 12/26/2011
Do you grow a garden during winter? 12/19/2011
Do you incorporate barnyard animals into your holiday festivities? 12/12/2011
Are you a Master Gardener? 12/05/2011
Do you have an outdoor kitchen? 11/25/2011
Will a heritage turkey be served at your Thanksgiving dinner this year? 11/21/2011
What animal would you most like to see on the cover of Hobby Farms? 11/14/2011
Does daylight savings time affect your livestock’s behaviors? 11/07/2011
Do your children take agriculture-education classes at school? 10/30/2011
Do guardian animals keep watch over the livestock on your farm? 10/23/2011
Do you operate a CSA on your farm? 10/17/2011
Do you take steps to protect your garden crops from food-borne illness. 10/10/2011
Do you raise livestock for meat? 10/03/2011
Have you ever made your own sausage? 09/26/2011
Do you create home videos of your hobby farm? 09/19/2011
What type of power equipment do you find most useful on the farm? 09/12/2011
Do you host a U-pick operation on your farm? 09/05/2011
Do you grow a kitchen garden? 08/29/2011
What's the main function of your farm's tractor? 08/22/2011
What do you think about the USDA’s proposed rule to the animal-disease-traceability program regarding interstate livestock transport? 08/15/2011
Do you have a community-supported-agriculture operation on your farm? 08/08/2011
What weeding method works best in your field or garden? 08/01/2011
Do you process your own chickens? 07/25/2011
Do you practice holistic veterinary care for your livestock and pets? 07/18/2011
Do you think it’s OK to breed bees for certain genetic traits, like disease resistance? 07/11/2011
How do you practice food independence? 07/05/2011
Do you use renewable energy on your farm? 06/27/2011
Do you have a fire-safety plan in place on your farm? 06/20/2011
Where do you prefer to buy farm tools? 06/13/2011
Have you ever raised pigs for homegrown pork? 06/06/2011
How has weather affected your planting this season? 05/30/2011
Have you ever grown luffa gourds? 05/23/2011
Should GMO produce and food products containing genetically modified ingredients be labeled as such at farmers’ markets? 05/16/2011
Do you subscribe to the twicemonthly HobbyFarms.com eNewsletter, and if not, why? 05/09/2011
Do you keep bees? 05/04/2011
Would you be interested in trying Hobby Farms magazine? 04/27/2011
How do you manage weeds in your garden or fields? 04/18/2011
What are you doing on your farm to counteract rising gas prices? 04/11/2011
What are you doing on your farm to counteract rising gas prices? 04/11/2011
Do you use a wood stove for heat? 04/04/2011
Do you raise any rare-breed livestock? 03/28/2011
Do you have an e-reader? 03/21/2011
Do you use a greenhouse on your farm to start seeds? 03/14/2011
Do you keep bees on your farm? 03/07/2011
Did you buy your tractor new or used? 02/28/2011
Do you farm organically? 02/21/2011
Was your barn affected by this month’s snow storms? 02/14/2011
What are you doing now to prep for the upcoming growing season? 02/07/2011
How many acres do you have in hay? 01/31/2011
Have you ever used a smoker to cook meat or vegetables? 01/24/2011
How many acres do you dedicate to crop production? 01/17/2011
How any acres of pasture land do you have? 01/10/2011
What aspect of your hobby farm do you want to focus on most in 2011? 01/03/2011
How do you protect your chickens in cold weather? 12/27/2010
What strategy do you use to control crop pests? 12/20/2010
Have you been following news about the Food Safety Modernization Act? 12/13/2010
What kind of chicken coop do you have? 12/06/2010
Have you ever made your own olive oil? 11/29/2010
Do you show livestock? 11/22/2010
What is your favorite pumpkin or squash dish? 11/15/2010
What type of fence is on your farm? 11/08/2010
Do you use biofuels in your farm equipment or vehicle? 11/01/2010
Do you have a disaster-preparedness plan for your farm? 10/25/2010
How do you conserve energy on your farm? 10/18/2010
Do you spin fiber? 10/11/2010
Do you have an iPad? 10/04/2010
Do you use herding dogs on your farm? 09/27/2010
Why do you raise cattle? 09/20/2010
Do you use a pressure cooker on a regular basis to prepare meals? 09/13/2010
Do you vermicompost? 09/06/2010
What security measures do you use on the farm? 08/30/2010
What is the biggest challenge to your crops? 08/23/2010
What is the biggest expense on your farm? 08/16/2010
Are you or were you a member of FFA? 08/09/2010
How often do you bird watch? 08/02/2010
What do you most use HobbyFarms.com for? 07/26/2010
Do you keep pets on your farm? 07/19/2010
What items do you shop for at your local farmers’ market? 07/12/2010
Do you have a farm manager for your small farm? 07/05/2010
Do you collect solar energy on your farm? 06/28/2010
What motorized equipment do you use to work around the farm? 06/21/2010
Do you own an iPad? 06/14/2010
Do you belong to a CSA? 06/07/2010
What is the purpose of your farm pond? 05/31/2010
Do you sell your products at a farmers’ market? 05/24/2010
Are you part of a walking club in your rural community? 05/17/2010
What kind of heirloom peppers do you grow? 05/10/2010
Why do you keep sheep? 05/03/2010
My favorite HobbyFarms.com articles are about: 05/01/2010
What kind of Internet connection does your household use? 04/26/2010
How long have you owned goats? 04/19/2010
How frequently do you read HobbyFarms.com blogs? 04/12/2010
Do you grow fruit on your farm? 04/05/2010
What chicken variety do you have the most of? 03/29/2010
Which magazine do you read? 03/22/2010
What season extenders do you use to get a jump-start on the growing season? 03/15/2010
What style barn is on your farm? 03/08/2010
How do you most often use dried flowers? 03/01/2010
Do you feed the fish in your farm pond? 02/22/2010
How many head of cattle do you own? 02/15/2010
Are you attending the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky., this year? 02/08/2010
What is your favorite winter farm activity? 02/01/2010
What do you find most useful in the HobbyFarms.com eNewsletter? 01/25/2010
How do you purchase seeds for your garden? 01/18/2010
Why do you keep chickens? 01/11/2010
Aquaculture is: 01/04/2010
What herbs do grow to use in your kitchen? 12/28/2009
Are you planning to get another farm animal in the next 12 months? 12/21/2009
Why do you raise rabbits? 12/14/2009
Do you give gifts to your farm pets? 12/07/2009
What animals are the main pest on your farm? 11/30/2009
What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? 11/23/2009
What kind of agritourism activities does your farm offer? 11/16/2009
How big is your farm? 11/09/2009
What subjects do you like to read about in our hobby farms blogs? 11/02/2009
How long have you been farming? 10/26/2009
Where do you get your pumpkins? 10/19/2009
What type of value-added products do you sell? 10/12/2009
What do you like most about fall on the farm? 10/05/2009
Do you own a cat? 09/28/2009
Green building is: 09/21/2009
Have you ever tried haggling/negotiating prices with your farm and feed store? 09/14/2009
Do you own a dog? 09/07/2009
What type of value-added products do you sell? 08/31/2009
What type of livestock do you have the most of on your farm? 08/24/2009
Is your area experiencing a different weather pattern than normal? If so, how has this affected your farming choices? 08/17/2009
Do you use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? 08/10/2009
This year, the number of livestock we own has: 08/03/2009
We: 07/27/2009
Do you have an iPhone? 07/20/2009
How does the work get done around your farm? 07/13/2009
How is the farm cared for when you are away? 07/06/2009
To help manage your crops or gardens, have you ever used a computer software program? 06/29/2009
This season, we’re eating: 06/22/2009
What would you like to see more of on HobbyFarms.com? 06/15/2009
I think the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is: 06/08/2009
Agritourism is: 06/01/2009
How important is keeping up on farm-related news to you? 05/25/2009
What sort of tilling technique do you practice? 05/18/2009
How likely are you to switch to a lower-priced food for your livestock? 05/11/2009
In Hobby Farms magazine, I'd like to see more about: 04/30/2009
Our household income comes mainly from: 04/20/2009
Do you grow heirloom fruits or vegetables? 03/24/2009
If you direct market your produce, has the local-food movement increased your sales this year? 02/24/2009
Do you plan to do anything special for your animals this month? 02/18/2009
Do you keep yaks on your farm?
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