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Farm Tools Information

Get more information on important farm tools every hobby farmer should have.

Your First Blacksmith Project: Crafting Tongs
Every new blacksmith needs a set of tongs, and making them yourself is the perfect introduction to the craft.

Great Gardening Tools
Here are 6 gardening tools picked by gardener Amy Grisak. No matter your gardening style, these "must-haves” can make your gardening chores easier.

13 Snow-removal Tools for 2012
Winter conditions can be harsh on the farm, but your winter chores don’t have to be. Check out the snow-removal equipment on the market in 2012 that can help speed up the process.

7 Steps to Repair Wooden-Handled Tools
Don’t toss your favorite tool just because its handle broke. Use a carpenter’s advice to give it new life.

Tools of the Trade: Alternative Water-well Pumps
Readily available water is a luxury many of us take for granted on the farm. Pumps are the unsung heroes of our watering systems, be it for household needs, for irrigation purposes or for livestock drinking-water.

6 Antique Tools: Keep or Toss?
Find good-quality garden tools from garages sales and flea markets with this buyer’s guide that helps you know when to snag a deal or keep on shopping.

Can You Afford That Tool?
Before you make a farm equipment purchase, ask yourself whether you can afford the machine's true cost over time.

Tools of the Trade: Choosing a Hay Baler
You can make your own hay the easy way -- with small hay balers!

How to Clean a Saw
You can salvage an old saw by giving it a quick and easy clean-up.

Don’t Get Caught in the Cold! Get an Emergency Generator
Choose a generator for your farm now, before a power outage proves how much you need one.

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