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Hobby Farms - Current Issue

Livestock Equipment Information

Learn about the essential livestock equipment your farm may need.

Winter Weather Basics for Farmers
This winter season checklist for farmers offers basic tips for livestock and farm owners --read tips from extension agents, too.

Making Your Own Hay
Learn about making your own hay. If you have access to a patch of hay land, the equipment and you'd like to produce the best possible forage for you pets and livestock, do-it-yourself haymaking can still spell dollars and sense.

6 Ways to Not Use a Generator
In an emergency situation, use a generator safely to keep power running without even more problems.

Can You Afford That Tool?
Before you make a farm equipment purchase, ask yourself whether you can afford the machine's true cost over time.

Change Your Tractor's Oil Yourself
As a regular part of your farm’s equipment-maintenance routine, follow these steps to perform a tractor oil change and save yourself a trip to the service shop.

Drive-through Farm Gates
Get a drive-through gate for your farm and make winter or any type of weather more bearable.

Planning for Farm Fencing
Before digging into your pockets to purchase farm fences, create a fencing plan that's both legal and effective.

6 Options for Farm Fences
Select the best type of fence for your farm with this fencing guide.

Fabulous Farm Shows
Visit a farm show: Come discover what rural America has to offer.

6 Fence and Gate Repair Tips
Sometimes the farm fence or gate needs repair. Here are six cost-effective (and easy) fixes for fences and gates on the farm.

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