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07/27/2015 - Chicken Adopts Duckling as Her Own
A factory duckling who escaped his fate and a childless chicken who wanted to be a mother bond in the best way possible.

07/24/2015 - States Banned from Using GMO Labels
States that want GMO labels on their food will be unable to pass their own laws requiring them.

07/22/2015 - Eliminate Mildew on Basil with Red Light
Researchers are trying to suppress downy mildew on basil without using sprays.

07/21/2015 - Hospitals Moving Toward Onsite Farms to Improve Food Quality
Farm-to-hospital may be the next big trend in helping hospital patients get healthier.

07/17/2015 - Video: All This Baby Goat Wants To Do Is Play
Kids can be loveable handfuls, especially when they just won’t leave their mothers alone.

07/16/2015 - CDC Advises Safety When Handling Chickens Due to Salmonella Outbreak
Those with backyard chickens are advised against kissing or cuddling their birds.

07/15/2015 - Goats Enlisted to Fight Invasive Plants
Rural areas are questioning what to do about invasive species; for Minnesota, the answer is goats.

07/14/2015 - Ashes Of Farm Boy Who Discovered Pluto Accompany Spacecraft Photographing It
As the first images of Pluto appear, we take a look at the "farm boy” who discovered this mini-planet.

07/13/2015 - Claims of Abuse at Chicken Farms Lead to Tyson Foods Investigation
After allegations that its chickens suffer abuse, Tyson Foods is conducting an investigation.

07/10/2015 - Clothes Made from Agricultural Waste?
Scientist is looking for a way to make yarn out of farm waste.

07/02/2015 - Video: No One’s Happier Than This Pig to See His Caretaker
A pig has a doglike reaction when he sees the man who takes care of him.

06/26/2015 - Do You Think Cilantro Tastes Like Soap?
Find out why some people find cilantro has a soapy taste.

06/18/2015 - Farmers Go to White House For 2015 Maker’s Faire
Small-scale farmers James and Eileen Ray showcase their handcrafted goat’s milk soaps to the nation at this year’s Maker’s Week.

06/17/2015 - Want to Know Where Sheep Hang Out? Check Tumblr
Google Sheep View allows sheep fans to check out the animals whenever they please.

06/16/2015 - Pigs Just As Smart As Dogs and Chimps, Study Suggests
In a study by The Farm Sanctuary, IQ tests suggest that pigs are as highly intelligent as chimps, dogs and other animals.

06/16/2015 - A Newborn Lamb Gets a Second Chance at Life
When a lamb appeared on their doorstep, an animal sanctuary cleaned her up, fed her and welcomed her into the world.

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