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Urban Farming News

05/13/2009 - Roofs Alive: Green Roofs are Good for the Environment
Even hospitals are installing green roofs these days; read more about it and learn a few benefits of growing plants on rooftops

04/16/2009 - Growing Urban Farms
Will Allen, founder and CEO of Growing Power, inspires crowd with possibilities, as well as the facts and challenges for urban farmers.

04/06/2009 - Processed Foods Database Created
Resource from GoodGuide offers information about thousands of processed foods.

03/20/2009 - White House, Green Garden
The first family brings back the victory garden concept to Pennsylvania Avenue.

03/11/2009 - Gardening is Good for You
New research says the physical and emotional benefits of gardening are worthwhile, especially for older people.

02/25/2009 - Farmers' Markets Numbers are Up
Demand for local food and desire to interact with food producers helped drive the number of farmers markets in the United States up 6.8 percent in 2008.

11/13/2008 - American Recycles Day 2008
November 15 is America Recycles Day--read more about recycling rates, as well as some recycling dos and dont's and find a link to the "Conversionator."

11/11/2008 - Michael Pollan on the Importance of Food Systems
An outline for hobby farmers to consider when reading his article about food policy, the current food system, how the food system should function and the American president

10/03/2008 - Slow Food Comes to the Table
Slow Food Nation 2008, a subsidiary of Slow Food and Slow Food USA, gathered in San Francisco to celebrate farmers, food and sustainable production.

07/18/2008 - Bees Get Grant: $4 Million for Research Awarded
USDA gives grant to aid research into colony collapse disorder and other bee diseases.

07/16/2008 - Repel Mosquitoes and Ticks, Naturally
Pine oil found to be more effective than DEET for repelling pests.

07/11/2008 - Give E. Coli Its Own Scare
Protect your romaine and other leafy greens from E. coli and salmonella.

07/03/2008 - Protect Your Garden from Japanese Beetles
What do you do to keep the Japanese beetles away from your garden vegetables?

06/19/2008 - National Pollinator Week 2008
Learn about pollinators and help support awareness of pollinators during the second annual National Pollinator Week.

06/10/2008 - Avoid Salmonella Outbreak: Eat Homegrown Tomatoes
Recent Salmonella outbreak reminds us about how much we love homegrown tomatoes. Learn more about the outbreak and get links to tomato seed resources, too.

06/05/2008 - Scientists, Legislators Show Concern for Bee Deaths
Scientists draw plan to study bee deaths while senators consider two bills to fund research on honey bees and other pollinators vital to the nation’s farms.

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