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Farm Marketing

Learn about effective farm marketing techniques to boost your business.

Market Your Craft Class Online
Take advantage of online sites to promote your farm craft class or workshop.

Make Money with Homemade Paper Products
Turn homemade paper from recycled and farm-grown ingredients into a myriad personalized, artisan paper products or gifts.

Project Pond
From aquaculture and watering livestock to fishing and recreation, farm ponds can be practical, enjoyable and profitable.

Farmers' Markets: About the Trend
Open-air farmers' markets--a growing trend--evoke fresh air, fresh produce and fresh faces. Learn about the farmers' market trend and how to find a market in your town and sell your farm’s bounty for profit.

16 Food Labels and What They Mean
From fair trade to free range, learn what the labels mean and how certifying your farm’s products can help you set yourself apart from the crowd.

Farm Shiitake Mushrooms in the Forest
Begin your transition into agroforestry by growing shiitake logs on your farm’s forestland.

Growing and Selling Heirloom Tomatoes
A veteran market gardener tells how to grow heirloom tomatoes and sell your heirloom tomatoes at market and to local chefs.

10 Charities and Tips to Consider
Here is a collection of 10 animal, environmental and similar charities for your consideration. See also a list of helpful charitable giving tips.

4 Marketing Tips for Heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys
Put your farm-raised, heritage turkeys at the top of more customers' Thanksgiving shopping lists this season with these heritage-turkey marketing considerations.

10 Catering Tips
If starting a home catering business is your dream, consider these tips from a professional caterer.

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