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On the Road: Things to Know

A farmer talks about his roadside stand and selling produce on the roadside

Thinking of Going Into Business Roadside: Research information provided by the following organizations.

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Must Reads:

  • How to Establish and Operate a Roadside Stand (University of California-Davis)
  • Roadside Stands (University of Arizona)
  • Roadside Farm Markets (Arkansas Small Business Administration)
  • Displaying In a Farm Market; Virginia Vegetable, Small Fruit and Specialty Crops, November-December 2003, University of Virginia)
  • Critique Checklist for a Roadside Market (Penn State)


  • Market Gardening; A Start-Up Guide at the ATTRA website
  • Food Safety for Farmers Markets (Kansas State University)
  • Roadstand Marketing of Fruit and Vegetables (University of Georgia)
  • Farm Stands 101 (Penn State)
  • Roadside Produce Markets (North Carolina State University)
  • Farm Stands, Roadside Markets and On-Farm Sales at the SARE website
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Direct Ag Moves in New Directions (University of Wisconsin)
  • Where Can I Get Assistance for My Market or Project? (USDA)

Info Plus!

  • Direct Marketing of Horticultural Products (University of Connecticut)
  • Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook (University of Arizona)
  • Small Farms Connections: Roadside Stands (Wisconsin State)

Free Building Plans:

  • Movable Roadside Stand (USDA/North Dakota State University)
  • Roadside Stand (USDA/North Dakota State University

Print Resources:

Sell What You Sow! The Grower’s Guide to Successful Produce Marketing
Eric Gibson (New World Publishing; 1994)

Backyard Market Gardening: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling What You Grow
A. W. Lee, G. DeVault (Good Earth Publications; 1993)

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On the Road: Things to Know

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