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Backyard Rabbits

Learn all about how backyard rabbits could make great pets on your farm.

Fighting Pet Frostbite
When the weather turns cold, take precautions to keep your dog, cat or rabbit free from frostbite.

Pet-loss Support Resources
These resources will help you cope with the loss of your favorite dog, cat or other farm pet

Coping with Pet Loss
The loss of a pet or farm animal can be devastating. Cope with the grief by memorializing your pet’s life.

5 Rabbit Illnesses to Know
Ensure your farm’s pet rabbits lead healthy lives by recognizing the signs of these common diseases.

Protecting Pet Rabbits
Keep your pet rabbits safe from predators and other outdoor hazards with these tips.

Outdoor Rabbit Housing Options
Outfit a rabbit hutch the right way to keep your outdoor rabbit comfortable throughout the year.

Using Rabbit Manure
Waste not! Even rabbit manure can benefit your hobby-farm garden.

Mourning Our Good Friend Fayre
This has been a sad week for Uzzi and me. Our special friend, Fayre, the Portuguese Water Dog, died last Friday evening.

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Rabbits
If you’re ready to add rabbits to your farm menagerie, ask these questions before making a purchase.

7 Reasons To Raise Rabbits For Meat
Rabbits are an efficient, productive protein source that can be raised on properties of all sizes. Here’s why you should considering keeping them.

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