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Condiment Recipes

Whether you need to spread, rub, drizzle or splash, making your own condiments sure beats the grocery-shelf varieties.

Bouquet Garni
A flavorful mixture, this bouquet garni offers flavor and healthful benefits to your soups and stews.

Basic Barbecue Sauce
Use this recipe to slather on some flavor to your favorite grilled foods.

Basic Mayonnaise
Spruce up a summer sandwich with this tasty classic condiment.

Basil-garlic Vinaigrette
Use this to dress pasta salads, drizzle over a plate of sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, or toss with chunks of zucchini, red onion, tomatoes and curls of Parmesan cheese.

Beet-infused Sour Cream
Give this creamy condiment a little color and flavor by adding beets.

Blueberries and Lavender Syrup
Serve this tasty condiment on your favorite cake or breakfast item.

Chili Seasoning Mix
Pre-mix this chili seasoning to use in soups all winter-long.

Choose-A-Nut Pasta Sauce
Favorite farm recipes.

Cinnamon Sorghum Butter
This sweetened butter will brighten any breakfast.

Citrus-dijon Vinaigrette
Use this dressing on salads with seafood or shellfish.

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