6 Soil Problems and Amendment Solutions

If you’re facing growing problems, the first place to turn is your soil. A number of soil problems can throw your garden off balance, but there’s no shortage of amendments to set things right.

Soil pH

If you want your plants to grow strong, study up on your soil’s chemistry.

Building with Bottles

While I’m waiting for the soil to dry out so I can prepare the beds for spring planting, I spend time in the garden building a new terrace on the lower part of the cliff.

Soil Testing Chart

Learn all you need to know to keep your soil healthy with these soil tests.

Soil Contamination: A Farm Buyer’s Primer

Before you purchase a property, be sure you know what’s in the soil. Everything from roadside pollution to illegal-drug contamination can affect your farm’s usability.

Soil Sifters

Recently, Italy celebrated the Festa Della Liberazione in honor of the day in 1945 when Italian partisans finally liberated Milan and Torino from the Nazi and Fascist troops.