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Welcome Home!

Hobby Farm Home--new companion to Hobby Farms magazine--highlights all those activities that complete our lives in the country.

By Karen Keb Acevedo

Hobby Farm Home Magazine Fall-Winter 2006For almost two years now, we, the editors of Hobby Farms, have been working behind the scenes on this new magazine.

Each day we come across so many exciting stories to share, topics to cover and things to teach, but we knew we could never pack it all into one magazine. So, we decided to launch another one. Now, we all know you can never have just one goat, sheep, horse, etc.--they always need a companion. As it turns out, so does Hobby Farms.

Hobby Farms remains the same magazine, dedicated to livestock and crop profiles, niche marketing, agritourism opportunities and equipment reviews.

Its new companion, Hobby Farm Home, brings your hobby-farm life indoors and highlights all those activities that complete our lives in the country, such as:
  • Cooking with your homegrown produce (Country Fare, page 46);
  • Learning skills such as spinning and weaving (“Spinning a Yarn of Your Own,” page 36), and canning and freezing (“Preserving the Harvest,” page 50);
  • Decorating with farm-found objects (Farm Fetishes, page 24 and “Nature’s Bounty,” page 30); and
  • Advice for dealing with those beloved farm animals that come inside the house—dogs (Animal Talk, page 92).

In this issue, we’ll also venture out around the house by showing you how to throw a fall barn sale (“Barn Sale!” page 76); offering expert advice on kitchen gardening (Garden Grit, page 84), home maintenance (Home Clinic, page 18) and fall lawn and yard care (“Fall Yard Care: Must or Lust?” page 86).

We’ll travel to inspirational farm-themed destinations (“Haus of Herb,” page 100) and we’ll show you what hobby farmers around the nation have to say about their lives in the country—its triumphs and challenges, and the lessons learned from them (Lessons Learned, page 8 and “What I Love (and Hate!) About Country Life” page 10).

Hobby Farm Home celebrates the farm home—the epicenter of activities, your sanctuary and your respite from the busy world outside.

We’ll remind you of simpler times when home arts and skills were necessary for survival on the farmstead, and we’ll show you how to take up some of those lost crafts. On the other side of the coin, we’ll highlight unique modern conveniences and, perhaps, necessities, which make farming easier for those of us who are time challenged. Hobby Farm Home was created with you in mind—today’s farm hobbyist, homesteader, small production farmer--folks who actually live in the country and have a passion for it and everything it represents.

We hope you’ll come to consider HFH as a cherished source of home inspiration and practical advice. We call this true country living. Let us know what you think by emailing us at hfh@bowtieinc.com. 

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Welcome Home!

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