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A Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things …A letter from the editor of Hobby Farm Home

by Karen K. Acevedo

Karen K. Acevedo
Karen Acevedo is Editor in Chief of Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home and other Hobby Farms publications.
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Hobby Farm Home - Summer 2008

Summertime on the farm is a virtual buzz of activity—literally and figuratively. We’ve got the garden humming with life, each day putting forth a new surprise as it churns out the glorious fruits of our labor. With the garden accelerating our work pace, why not take on some other projects around the farm and keep the good times rolling? This Summer issue is jam-packed with ideas to keep you busy for months and, not by coincidence, with some of my all-time favorite things!

At Hobby Farm Home we like to highlight the things that real farm women will enjoy: activities that celebrate our farm heritage; old-fashioned ways of doing things; foods that feature home-grown ingredients; activities to enjoy with your family and out in nature; and ideas on how you can spend more time—and earn money—on your farm with a farm-based business.  

In this issue, learn a great way to bring two of your farm’s  commodities—fiber and food—full circle with natural dyeing. Make sure that come shearing time this fall, your garden still has enough produce to create some of the beautiful, natural dyes explained in “Harvesting Color.” The process couldn’t be simpler, and think of how gratifying it will be to shear your sheep, spin the wool and dye it right on your farm. You’re getting closer to self- sufficiency every day! 

Meet two sisters, coined the “Salsa Sisters” (“Livin’ La Vida Salsa”), who took their mother’s old-fashioned salsa recipe, fresh local produce and the help of their large family, and created a successful, satisfying farm-based business in Germantown, Ky. I visited the sisters at McDowell Farms, where I toured their kitchen and sampled their salsa, and let me tell you, this is no ordinary jarred salsa. It’s out of this world! Let their story inspire you to discover your “big idea.”  

For me, summer wouldn’t be complete without the following: homemade ice cream and soda pop; picnics; farm weddings; and camping! When was the last time you pitched a tent? 

When all such summer activity is said and done, sit down and write a letter (by hand) to a dear friend, family member or acquaintance (“Reviving the Art of Letter Writing”) and get back in touch with a simpler time when we corresponded with heartfelt, tangible letters that brightened the receiver’s day.         

I recently learned to knit by taking a six-week, evening course with a friend at our local yarn shop. As we were knitting together on a Friday night, we talked about  gardening and all the farm projects in store over the next few months. She said, “I just don’t know how you have time to do all the things you do.” I responded with the old saying, “When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.” And it doesn’t. I know all you readers feel the same way. Stay sane in this season of insanity!


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A Few of My Favorite Things

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