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September/October 2013 Table of Contents

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September/October 2013 Hobby Farm Home


You Can Pickle That
You can pickle just about anything, but that doesn’t mean you should.
by Debbie Moors

Playing with Fire
Rediscover the age-old tradition of hearth cooking and how to apply it on your farmstead.
by Samantha Johnson

A Turn for the Better
Small gardens can benefit from a no-till program with no added costs and a little extra effort.
by Jessica Walliser

Back in Black
Black walnuts offer a bounty of options for cooking, crafting and other purposes.
by Patricia Lehnhardt

Goat Power
Harness the power of goats to pull carts and other small equipment with tips and instructions from a goat enthusiast.
by Sue Weaver


Dinner Bell
Lori Rice

Garden Grit
Andy Tomolonis

Garden Home Solutions
P. Allen Smith

Nest Box
Suzanne McMinn

Animal Talk
Audrey Pavia

Hands On
Monette Satterfield

Project Homestead
Rhoda Peacher

Room for Improvement
Jill Winger

Nature Calls
Nancy Mann Jackson

Cottage Industry
Cory Hershberger

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September/October 2013 Table of Contents

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