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Dawn Combs' "The Prescription Gardener" Blog
The Prescription Gardener
Growing a garden can do more than feed your family—the plants can become your medicine, too. Dawn Combs, farmer, herbalist and owner of Mockingbird Meadows herb and honey farm will teach you how to cultivate herbs to nourish and heal your body. Stop by each week and discover how delicious your medicine can be.           

08/20/2014 - Sunflowers: The Cheery Healers
If the bright-yellow blooms of sunflowers beckon to you, you’ll love even more their whole-plant contributions to your garden and health.

08/13/2014 - Got Muscle Pain? Plant Crampbark
From back pain to arthritis, this native plant helps alleviate what makes you ache.

08/06/2014 - Biochar Vs. Ashing: What’s the Difference?
As we increase production on our farm, we’re looking to the biodynamic practice of ashing to keep Canada thistle under control.

07/30/2014 - 7 Ways to Use Mugwort
Got a mugwort problem? Don’t be quick to eradicate this plant from your garden—it has many benefits, as well.

07/23/2014 - 9 Natural De-Worming Plants for Your Backyard Flock
Take preventative measures to keep your chickens worm-free by growing and feeding them these natural de-worming plants.

07/16/2014 - Harvest and Use Your Lemon Balm
Bright and cheery lemon balm grows vigorously in the garden, so use it this season in these home and medicinal preparations.

07/09/2014 - Share Your Favorite Old-Time Farm Wisdom
Preserve ancient farming traditions by passing along and putting to use these old-time farm sayings.

07/02/2014 - Chase Away the Blues with St. John’s Wort
Use this cheery nervine topically for burns and nerve injuries or internally as an anti-depressant.

06/25/2014 - Got Adrenal Problems? Grow Borage!
A sweet-looking companion plant, borage can also be used to keep your body in balance.

06/18/2014 - Stay Cool in the Heat with Elder Blossoms
Discover the magical wonder and practical use of your garden-grown or wildcrafted elder.

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