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Our Hobby Farms bloggers bring you first-hand accounts of their encounters with gardening, livestock, farmstead cooking and more.

Tessa Zundel: Farm Sprouts
Farm Sprouts
Growing up on a farm can be both fun and enriching for children of all ages—but you have to let them get their hands dirty. Tessa Zundel, homesteader and full-time farm mom, knows just what you need to engage kids in farm life. Stop by each week for projects that get little hands digging in the garden and making a mess in the kitchen. Warning: Prepare yourself for a good dose of family fun! » 
Lisa Munniksma: The News Hog
The News Hog
Get the facts (and opinions) about what's happening outside of your farm gates. From Washington to your city hall, decisions are being made that affect your farm and food system. Diseases and discoveries are changing the face of small-scale farming. Former Hobby Farms editor Lisa Munniksma writes about these breakthroughs, issues and legislation—from the serious to the ridiculous—to help you take action in your community. Are you ready to get dirty? » 
The Craft Hub
The Craft Hub
Gather your friends around the craft table: It’s time for a crafting party! Our favorite DIY experts share the projects they’re working on at their homesteads—from painting to sewing to crafting with kids—and you can join the fun. Come back each week for a new project and tips for getting at the heart of homemade. Let's start crafting. »
Interested in guest blogging on The Craft Hub? Email us with your ideas!
Burning Questions
Burning Questions
As beginning farmers start to work the land again—often being the first in generations to do so—new ideas about agriculture and sustainable farming are emerging. This blog is meant to give a voice to those new and diverse concepts. You may agree or you may not—that's OK. After all, we're all in this together to grow food. Get your questions answered »
Dawn Combs: The Prescription Gardener
The Prescription Gardener
Growing a garden can do more than feed your family—the plants can become your medicine, too. Follow Dawn Combs, farmer, herbalist and owner of Mockingbird Meadows herb and honey farm, as she teaches you how to cultivate herbs to nourish and heal your body. Stop by each week and discover how delicious your medicine can be. Grow your medicine. »
Jessica Walliser: Dirt on Gardening
Dirt on Gardening
From Jessica Walliser, regular contributor to Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home comes a blog about gardening: Seeds, compost, pests and cultivating, as well as tips and tricks, year-round growing, finds and suggestions. Brush the dirt off your hands and click here. »
Cory Hershberger: Plowing Through
Plowing Through
Hobby Farms associate editor Cory Hershberger scours the wide world of farming literature to find the books best suited to small-scale farmers and homesteaders. From livestock husbandry and plant care to home remodeling and farm-to-table cooking, he leaves no page unturned in his thirst for agricultural knowledge—and he’s sharing his findings with you. Open to the first page. »
Lili Debarbieri: Farm Traveler
Farm Traveler
Whether you're searching for your next off-farm getaway or you need a virtual retreat from the daily grind, award-winning travel writer Lili Debarbieri has you covered. Join her as she travels the U.S., seeking out the country's most unique and sustainable farms. She'll dig up first-hand advice from the farmers themselves and offer tips for what to do when you visit. Start packing. »
Cyn Cady: Greenhorn Acres
Greenhorn Acres
Cyn Cady is a writer and fledgling farmer. Learn and laugh along with her as she blunders through a variety of experiments with gardening, animal husbandry, mushroom cultivation and maybe even beekeeping. Although given her success rate, beekeeping might be a terrible idea. We'll see. »
Hobby Farms' "Farm Inspiration Fridays"
Farm Inspiration Fridays
Farming can be a tough job that receives little thanks. If you need a pick-me-up after a long week of plowing, planting and livestock wrangling, stop by each week for quotes, photos and encouraging words from the Hobby Farms editors. Get inspired now. »

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