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Our Hobby Farms bloggers bring you first-hand accounts of their encounters with gardening, livestock, farmstead cooking and more.

Sue Weaver: Mondays with Martok
Mondays with Martok
How should you care for the critters around the farm? Get the answers straight from Martok the goat’s mouth (with translation by Sue Weaver, a regular Hobby Farms contributor). Delivered with a dose of humor, his blog tells tales of animal husbandry realities, tips and discoveries. Click for the latest animal gossip. »
Kristy Ziegler: Kids on the Homestead—Uncensored
Kids on the Homestead—Uncensored
Having an "I can do this” attitude is essential in starting and maintaining a homestead, unless the person with the attitude is 3 feet tall and picking all your veggies several weeks early.  In this blog, get practical homesteading tips for managing the extra "help” you get from the jelly-covered, chicken-chasing, two-legged tomato smashers we call our children. Enter the homestead with caution. »
Stephanie Staton: Restor Farmhouse Order
Restore Farmhouse Order
Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home editor Stephanie Staton takes you along in the challenges and successes of building her dream farmhouse. Stop by the farm each week as she tackles renovation projects, shares home-improvement tips, and slowly but surely transforms this land into a home. Let the renovation begin. »
John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist: Farmstead Chef
Farmstead Chef
Join John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist as they share recipes and tips for using your garden abundance to eat seasonally. From creative ways to cook up zucchini to making homemade pantry staples, John and Lisa make it fun and easy to create a more self-sufficient, sustainable farmstead kitchen—and save money in the process. Start cooking now. »
Dawn Combs: The Prescription Gardener
The Prescription Gardener
Growing a garden can do more than feed your family—the plants can become your medicine, too. Follow Dawn Combs, farmer, herbalist and owner of Mockingbird Meadows herb and honey farm, as she teaches you how to cultivate herbs to nourish and heal your body. Stop by each week and discover how delicious your medicine can be. Grow your medicine. »
Jessica Walliser: Dirt on Gardening
Dirt on Gardening
From Jessica Walliser, regular contributor to Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home comes a blog about gardening: Seeds, compost, pests and cultivating, as well as tips and tricks, year-round growing, finds and suggestions. Brush the dirt off your hands and click here. »
The Craft Hub
The Craft Hub
Gather your friends around the craft table: It’s time for a crafting party! Our favorite DIY experts share the projects they’re working on at their homesteads—from painting to sewing to crafting with kids—and you can join the fun. Come back each week for a new project and tips for getting at the heart of homemade. Let's start crafting. »
Interested in guest blogging on The Craft Hub? Email us with your ideas!
Hobby Farms' "Farm Inspiration Fridays"
Farm Inspiration Fridays
Farming can be a tough job that receives little thanks. If you need a pick-me-up after a long week of plowing, planting and livestock wrangling, stop by each week for quotes, photos and encouraging words from the Hobby Farms editors. Get inspired now. »

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