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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pictures: 6 Garden Insect Eggs

Jessica Walliser
Hobby Farms Contributor

I have spent a good amount of time this spring searching my yard for insects. I have a new book in the works with Timber Press about beneficial insects and am shooting many of the pictures myself. I've been learning a lot along the way and thought I might share some images of various insect eggs I have found in our yard. They are proof that the insect world is breathtakingly beautiful!

To see more images of the insects I find in my garden, you are welcome to friend me on Facebook at Jessica Walliser.

Green Stink Bug Eggs
Green Stink Bug Eggs
Stink bugs have been a problem in my garden the past couple of years, but those are the brown marmorated stink bugs, native to Asia. The common green stink bug is native to the U.S.

Spined Soldier Bug Eggs
Spined Soldier Bug Eggs
Spined soldier bugs are great to have in the garden. Aren’t their eggs amazing?

Leaf-footed Bug Eggs
Leaf-footed Bug Eggs
The eggs of leaf-footed bugs are football-shaped and a bronze-gold color—stunning!

Monarch Butterfly Egg
Monarch Butterfly Egg
Here on the leaf of common milkweed you’ll find the egg of a monarch butterfly.

Ladybug Eggs
Ladybug Eggs
If you find these eggs in your garden, consider yourself blessed. The beneficial ladybug helps control unwanted pests, like spider mites.

Green Lacewing Eggs
Green Lacewing Eggs
Green lacewings are a good garden insect. They lay their eggs on stalks to protect them from predators—and each other! Green lacewings turn to cannibalism if no other food is present soon after they hatch.

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Pictures: 6 Garden Insect Eggs

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Reader Comments
They're actually quite beautiful.
Galadriel, Lothlorien, ME
Posted: 9/21/2013 11:27:17 PM
Wow, good work finding, photographing and id'ing those insect eggs!
Lara, Torbay, NL
Posted: 9/19/2012 5:30:31 AM
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