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Monday, November 15, 2010

Salem Got Sick!

with Sue Weaver, Hobby Farms Contributing Editor

Boer goat
Photo by Sue Weaver
Salem said his belly felt “oogy,” but the bock beer made it feel better.  

Last Wednesday morning, when Mom put the Boer goats out for the day, big, fat Salem stayed behind. Salem loves food—Mom knew something was wrong. She put him in a stall and bedded it deeply with straw. Salem plopped down, stuck out his legs and groaned.
Mom decided he had intestinal cramps. She thinks he ate too many yummy acorns. She was worried so she gave him a Banamine shot for pain, Probios probiotics for his tummy, pink milk of magnesia for his gut (yuck!) and a thiamine shot, then she asked people in her sheep and goat Yahoo groups what else they would do. One said to feed him flavored yogurt (because he hates Probios so much that he spits and gags) and an English reader said to give him dark beer.
Salem didn’t want the yogurt, so Mom and Dad used a dose syringe to put it in his mouth. Salem yanked back just as Mom depressed the plunger and she couldn’t see because it was dark, so she squirted it up the side of his face and into his eye. Poor Salem!
Mom and Dad don’t drink beer, so they had to buy some. They chose bock beer because “bock” in German means buck, like a goat, and that seemed like an omen. They tried to suck it into the 30cc dose syringe but kept loading 10cc of beer and 20cc of foam. Finally, Dad held Salem’s mouth open and Mom poured in the beer. When they were finished, Salem smiled and licked his lips.
Salem’s says he feels much better now. And he keeps telling us how much he liked that beer! 

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Salem Got Sick!

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Reader Comments
very interesting, think I will print this one for my book of ideas and fix-its!
Evelyn, Lenoir, NC
Posted: 6/23/2011 5:17:44 PM
Hi Diana. Sorry, I just found your comment! I guess beer is a traditional treatment for tummy ailments in Britain. Mom asked about it at her sheep list and some people said it's the hops in beer that do the trick but no one is absolutely certain.

About a month ago Mr. Tumnus felt under the weather, so Mom and Dad gave him beer too. He really liked it and by the second bottle (he got one in the morning and another in late afternoon) he drank it right down. He recovered overnight, too. He also had some more conventional stuff, so we don't think the beer necessarily cured him but it does seem to help!

~ Martok
Martok, Mammoth Spring, AR
Posted: 2/4/2011 4:36:43 AM
gosh..so happy that Salem is doing better..what is the reason that someone suggested a beer? I wanted to understand the reasoning behind that idea. Make sense? Thanks for getting back to me..
Diana, Costa Mesa, CA
Posted: 12/1/2010 11:28:57 AM
Wow I never heard of the medician you were talkn about. I am going to have to look them up and get some for the farm, cause living out in the country we cant just run into town and get some.
I am also so very happy to know that Salem is doing better..
Starr, Odessa, TX
Posted: 11/17/2010 11:31:50 PM
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