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March/April 2014 - Table of Contents

Preview the table of contents for Hobby Farms magazine, rural living for pleasure and profit.

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March/April 2014 - Hobby Farms
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Color Coordinated
Coordinate an eye-catching display at the next farmers’ market with colored egg from specialty breeds.
by Leslie J. Wyatt

Male Call
Follow key safety tips to avoid getting bulldozed on your farm by a hormonal, intact male animal.
by Sue Weaver

Nitrogen Fix
You can build your farm operation’s bottom line and soil health by growing legumes.  
by Lisa Munniksma

In the Market
When the market is too far to be worth your while, bring the market to your community with five steps to kickstart a rural farmers’ market.  
by Lisa Kivirist

Forging Ahead
Take farmstead repairs into your own hands: Learn the age-old art of blacksmithing.
by Ryan Ridgway


Buying the Farm
Lisa Kivirist

Livestock Q&A
Compiled by Amy W. Richardson
Vetted by Dr. Lyle G. McNeal

Market Garden
James Ray

How Do I ... Tap a Maple Tree?
Samantha Johnson

Tools of the Trade
Poultry Waterers & Feeders
Leslie J. Wyatt

Well Seasoned
Season for Salt
Mark Smrecek


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March/April 2014 - Table of Contents

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