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Barn Building Tips

Get barn building tips and start setting up your barn.

5 Tips for Saving Money on Farm Boots
Get the most out of your mud boots by adhering to these cost-saving tips.

7 Barn Practices for Better Food Safety
If you're pursuing USDA Good Agricultural Practices certification for your farm, look at these processing-building improvements to boost your audit score.

7 Clean-up Tips for Your Cluttered Barn
Barns and other farm outbuildings have a sneaky way of becoming messy. Put these tips to use so when you need that garden trowel, it’s not lost in the barn abyss.

When Is a Barn Too Old to Use?
If you’re considering razing an old outbuilding deemed too unsafe for use, think twice: You might be able to preserve that bit of history on your farm.

4 Barn Tools You Need This Year
Whether you already have the barn or are looking to build it, these tools need added to the top of your wish list.

5 Barn Improvements to Make You a Better Farmer
Streamline your workflow and increase efficiency by making minor changes to your your barn space and farm plan.

5 New Uses for Old Barn Finds
Unearth the junk pile accumulating in your barn and transform the materials into something purposeful for the home or farm.

5 Tips to Renovate Your Barn and Keep Its Historic Charm
In a nod to your farm’s history, maintain the rustic appeal an old barn offers while updating it the right way with modern conveniences.

7 Ways to Avoid a Barn Fire
Barn fires are the most common emergency disaster farmers encounter. Reduce the risk of devastation on your farm.

Build Your Dream House with
6 Barn-inspired Features

Draw on the rustic architecture of America’s barns when designing a barn-style home with these six features.

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