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Vegetable Gardens, Spring Edition

Celebrating America's gardening tradiitions with Vegetable Gardens Spring Edition.

Vegetable Gardens


As winter gives way to spring, the sunshine returns and the days grow warmer, heating the soil in your garden to a temperature that’s ideal for planting. Crisp peppers, juicy tomatoes, refreshing cucumbers, flavorful thyme … all can become a homegrown reality.

Whether you’re a gardening greenhorn or a planting pro, this revised edition of Vegetable Gardens, which focuses on the spring growing season, provides an excellent starting point for planning and maintaining your herb and vegetable garden.

What You'll Find

Growing Advice: Find explanations of gardening terms, an overview of growing-season tasks and topics to consider before planting as well as profiles of easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs.

Troubleshooting Tips: Learn about common gardening mishaps, considering the climate where you live when planting and how to select the best crops for your location.

Recipes: Use the produce in your garden to create healthy, flavorful dishes.

Table of Contents

Get Growing
Learn the basics of vegetable gardening.
By Lindsay Evans

A Gardener’s Bounty
Learn about 17 popular vegetables to grow in your yard.
By Samantha Johnson

Natural Selection
Choose the best varieties for your area and climate.
By Amy Grisak

Spice It Up
Adopt these growing tips for 10 popular herbs.
By Samantha Johnson

Strategic Planning
Design your garden to meet your needs.
By Deb Buehler

Can You Dig It?
The lifeblood of any garden, here’s the dirt on soil and its many forms.
By Sue Weaver

Seed It Out
Consider whether to use seeds or transplants before filling your vegetable garden.
By Nancy Mann Jackson

Successful Starts
Start your veggies from seed, and transplant them outside when the time is right.
By Lindsay Evans

Fertilizing Fundamentals
For a great garden, you first need to focus on feeding your soil.
By Sue Weaver

Coming to Terms with Composting
There’s a lot to love about a rotting, steaming pile of leaves, manure and kitchen scraps.
By Sue Weaver

Contain Yourself
Container gardening opens up possibilities for growing vegetables.
By Cherie Langlois

Pesky Pests and Happy Helpers
Are insects driving you buggy? Do rabbits have you at the end of your rope? We have some solutions.
By Cheryl Morrison

Gardening Mishaps
Find out about the most common mistakes and how to prevent them.
By Kyra Kirkwood

Make Your Harvest Last
Use these techniques to preserve your veggies safely.
By Jennifer MacKenzie

Garden Recipes
Transform your harvest, and tingle your taste buds.
By Laura and Suzan Hill



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Vegetable Gardens, Spring Edition

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Reader Comments
Hi Tawndra,
You can now purchase "Vegetable Gardens, Spring Edition" on Amazon by clicking this link: LINK
Hobby Farms Editor, Lexington, KY
Posted: 11/25/2013 7:02:33 AM
Tried to buy the spring vegetable garden online but could not. Please tell me another way.

Thank you
Tawndra Evans
Tawndra, Graceville, FL
Posted: 11/22/2013 8:50:32 AM
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