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Popular Kitchen Series

From the editors of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home magazines

Hobby Farms' Popular Kitchen Series

The Popular Kitchen™ Series provides expert information, handy tips and delicious recipes about your favorite kitchen-related hobbies. This series of Magabooks® (magazine-books) is designed to inform, enlighten and delight everyone with a passion for all things culinary, from novice food enthusiasts to seasoned cooks.

Popular Kitchen Series - Homemade PizzaHobby Farm Home Presents: Pot Pies
Faced with these varied opinions on the definition of "pot pie," it was difficult to decide which recipes to include in this book. Should they all include meat and vegetables? What about crust? Are pot pies main courses to be served only at lunch or dinner, or do people eat them at other times of the day? Can pot pies taste sweet—or just savory? This magabook (magazine-book) includes nontraditional versions as well as standard pot-pie recipes. One thing these recipes have in common besides their deliciousness: They all feature some sort of crust. Where to get a copy>> 


Popular Kitchen Series - Homemade PizzaHobby Farm Home Presents: Homemade Pizza
Many people eat it with their hands, some fold the slice in half, and others dig in with a knife and fork. That’s what’s so great about pizza: There’s no right or wrong way to eat it—or make it, for that matter! Whether you eat meat, don’t eat meat, like it sweet, prefer seafood, enjoy pizza for breakfast, love international flavors, eschew carbohydrates or live to grill, Homemade Pizza has got you covered.
Where to get a copy>> 



Popular Kitchen Series - Canning & PreservingPopular Kitchen™: Natural Baby
Today, many babies continue to subsist on pre-packaged foods. In an effort to regain control over what goes into their little ones’ bodies, some parents have brought baby food back into the home, creating tasty, nutritious meals using fresh ingredients and a few simple tools … and it doesn’t end there. Parents who desire a purer lifestyle have embraced the use of cloth diapers, all-natural cleaning products and homemade skin-care items, too. Where to get a copy>> 



Popular Kitchen Series - Canning & PreservingHobby Farm Home Presents: Canning & Preserving
Despite all the convenience available, home canning and preserving is back in a big way. Why? Perhaps it’s wanting to know where our food comes from and exactly what’s in each bite. Maybe it’s a yearning for independence and self-sufficiency. Whatever your reason for canning and preserving food, you will find help and advice within these pages. Whether you’re a hobbyist dabbling in putting up your farmers market finds, or an expert gardener blessed with a bountiful harvest, Canning & Preserving is here to help you. Where to get a copy>> 



Popular Kitchen Series - Cheesemaking Popular Kitchen™: Cheesemaking
Making cheese is a transformative experience. With a couple of ingredients, time and care, a humble pot of milk can be developed into cheese in just a couple of hours. It’s a transformative experience not just for the milk, but also for the novice cheesemaker who tastes the first bite of fresh cheese made in his or her kitchen. Cheesemaking™ , the second issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series, has step-by-step instructions, tips and advice for every skill level—from the cheese-curious beginner to the aged crafter of artisanal loafs. Where to get a copy>> 



Popular Kitchen Series - Meat & Sausage Popular Kitchen™: Meat & Sausage
Today, meat preserving is a technique used by cooking and hunting enthusiasts to create great-tasting meat products, often for less money and with fewer preservatives than store-bought. Imagine: Instead of grabbing a shrink-wrapped package of bacon at the grocery store, you can make your own smoky strips from just pork belly and some spices. Or you might want to grind your own meat to create perfectly seasoned, mouth-watering sausages. It’s possible, and we’ll show you how in Meat & Sausage™, the third issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series. Where to get a copy>> 


Popular Kitchen Series - Homemade Bread Popular Kitchen™: Homemade Bread
Borne from modest ingredients, bread made from scratch has the power to nourish, save money, and awaken your taste buds. We invite you to discover bread’s benefits. With more than 50 kitchen-tested recipes and pages of baking tips, Homemade Bread™, the fourth issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series, will guide bakers of all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced.  Where to get a copy>> 



Popular Kitchen Series - Grow, Cook, Eat Popular Kitchen™: Easy Garden Recipes
Do you have a garden full of ripe produce, and you’re looking for a few ideas on what to do with it all? Are you new to the gardening game and think you might want to try growing your own meals? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Easy Garden Recipes, the fifth issue of the Popular Kitchen Series, can help. Where to get a copy>> 


Popular Kitchen Series - Pies & Cakes Popular Kitchen™: Pies & Cakes
Why do we love baking pies and cakes so much? One core reason: It’s fun. After stressful days at the office and the pressures of modern life, there’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than burying your hands in flour and creating something delicious. Remember to always keep this "fun factor” of baking. Don’t get obsessed with a perfect end result. Rather, relish the baking process, and embrace a sprinkle of serendipity along the way. You’ll see tips like these and many others in the pages of Pies & Cakes™, the sixth issue of the Popular Kitchen Series. Where to get a copy>> 


Popular Kitchen Series - Soups & StewsPopular Kitchen™: Soups & Stews
Soups & Stews™, the seventh issue of the Popular Kitchen™ Series, has the information you need to create a foundational soup stock or broth, techniques for preparing and cooking soups and stews, and safe methods for storing them in the freezer or pantry. Also included are more than 50 recipes for all kinds of soups and stews, from comfort-food classics like tomato basil soup, beef vegetable soup and chicken noodle soup to original kinds such as ten-vegetable curry soup, summer harvest stew, and strawberry soup with yogurt and balsamic reduction. Where to get a copy>> 


Get a Copy of Your Favorite Issue!
For a copy of Popular Kitchen™ Series, visit your local bookstore or farm supply store. 

The Popular Kitchen™ Series is available at retailers such as Atwoods, Big R, Bomgaar's, C-A-L Ranch Stores, Coastal Farm & Home Supply Co., D & B Supply, Farm and Fleet, Global Pet Foods, Lemos Feed & Pet Supply, Murdochs Ranch & Home Supply, Orschlen's, Runnings, Rural King, Theisen's, Zamzows and others.

The Popular Kitchen™ Series is not available by subscription.

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Popular Kitchen Series

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Reader Comments

Why isn't the website being updated regularly? It is missing the last three issues. Thanks.
Bau, Alexandria, VA
Posted: 11/19/2014 6:19:36 AM
Where can I find nutritional information for the recipes in "Pot Pies" I am first interested in the information for the Reuben Pie.
Lois, Rockford, IL
Posted: 3/14/2014 11:02:04 AM
Hi Karen,
You can order Soups and Stews on Amazon by clicking this LINK .
Hobby Farms Editor, Lexington, KY
Posted: 2/6/2014 6:17:09 AM
How could I get a copy of Soups and Stews, Popular
Kitchen Series Volume 7 2011?
Karen, Las Cruces, NM
Posted: 2/5/2014 3:56:39 PM
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