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Do you have a garden full of ripe produce, and you’re looking for a few ideas on what to do with it all? Are you new to the gardening game and think you might want to try growing your own meals? Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Easy Garden Recipes, the fifth issue of the Popular Kitchen Series, can help. Here’s what you’ll see inside:

Grow: Know-how in the garden will take you far in your journey toward sustainability in the kitchen. You’re learn gardening basics, such as choosing seeds, caring for soil, learning to fertilize and more.

Cook: Your produce is ready to harvest—now what? With more than 50 recipes, we’ll help you decide how best to prepare all those tomatoes, zucchini, onions, peppers and the rest of your harvest.

Eat: Are you ready to dig in? We hope that Easy Garden Recipes makes you hungry for more time in the garden and the kitchen.

What You’ll Find
The Basics: Learn about the most-grown vegetables, and get vital growing tips for all of them, including the best soil to use, information about fertilizers, instructions for making your own compost, and much more.

Recipes: Are you looking for ways to incorporate your homegrown veggies in the kitchen? We’ve got you covered with recipes for everything from appetizers to soups to salads to entrees.


Vegetable Gardens 101
Plan, prepare, plant and provide for a tasty harvest.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Vegetable Profiles
Here’s a rundown of the most popular vegetables to grow and eat.
By Jessica Walliser

Ready, Set, Grow!
With these easy plans, you can create a rewarding edible garden space.

Seeds vs. Transplants
Choose the right kind for your garden.
By Nancy Mann Jackson

More Than Dirt
Don’t let incorrect soil foil your gardening efforts.
By Sue Weaver

Fertilizer Fundamentals
Learn about these necessary soil amendments.
By Sue Weaver

Black Gold
Compost provides an invaluable, nutritious addition to your garden.
By Sue Weaver

Recipes: Appetizers
Recipes for zucchini rounds with cheese, baby broccoli quiche, cheesy cucumbers, radical radish crackers, and more
By Samantha Johnson

Recipes: Soups
Recipes for potato soup, chilled cucumber mint soup, garden pea soup, grilled eggplant and garlic soup, and more
By Cherie Langlois

Recipes: Salads
Recipes for four-pepper salad, broccoli salad, spring spinach salad, honey-nut carrot salad, potato salad, and more
By Paulette Johnson

Recipes: Entrees
Recipes for chicken and corn soft tacos, bowtie pasta and zucchini, roasted eggplant with garbanzo beans, and more
By Rhoda Peacher

Recipes: Side Dishes
Recipes for sugar snap peas with honey-teriyaki glaze, hot and spicy potato wedges, spinach cornbread, and more
By Fiona Green

Recipes: Slow Cooker
Recipes for carrot ginger soup, eggplant Parmesan, celery and green lentil stew, Siam curry, corn tamale pie, and more
By Laura Hill



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