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Hobby Farm Home Presents: Homemade Pizza


Many people eat it with their hands, some fold the slice in half, and others dig in with a knife and fork. That’s what’s so great about pizza: There’s no right or wrong way to eat it—or make it, for that matter! With myriad options for toppings, cheeses (or no cheese!) and crusts, you can enjoy an incredible variety when it comes to pizza.

Do you consider yourself a carnivore or an herbivore? Perhaps you’re something in between. Do you eat vegan or gluten-free? Maybe you’re a busy, working parent who loves to cook for your family but sometimes can’t find the time. If you have kids, they probably love pizza as much as you do!

Whether you eat meat, don’t eat meat, like it sweet, prefer seafood, enjoy pizza for breakfast, love international flavors, eschew carbohydrates or live to grill, Homemade Pizza has got you covered.

What You’ll Find

Tips and Techniques: Pizza-making might seem like a simple task, but it does require some specialized equipment and key ingredients. Learn what you’ll need to perfect your homemade pizza. Also included are a pizza-throwing tutorial and troubleshooting tips. 

Build a Foundation: Homemade pizza crust and sauce will take your pie from tasty to addictive. Included are six crust recipes and five sauce recipes.

50+ Recipes: No matter what type of pizza you favor, you will find a recipe (or two!) in Homemade Pizza. See below for a complete list of the recipes featured in this publication.


A Piece of the Pie
From its humble beginnings to modern-day popularity, pizza has had an illustrious history.
By Samantha Johnson and Paulette Johnson

Essential Equipment
These tools are must-haves for pizza-makers.
By Samantha Johnson and Paulette Johnson

Key Ingredients
Learn what goes into—and onto—most pizzas before making one.
By Jennifer MacKenzie

10 Tips for the Perfect Pie
These foolproof suggestions will help you make a tasty pizza.
By Kyra Kirkwood

Pizza-tossing Tips
Learn to throw dough from an expert.
By Annika Small

Pizza Crust Recipes
Recipes for thin and crispy crust; all-purpose, quick-rise pizza crust; whole-wheat crust; prebaked crusts; deep-dish pan-pizza crust; and stuffed-crust pizza dough
By Patricia Lehnhardt

Pizza Sauce Recipes
Recipes for roasted tomato sauce, white sauce, pesto sauce, quick tomato sauce and roasted red pepper sauce
By Patricia Lehnhardt

Homemade without the Hassle
Try time-saving tips for a quick meal any night of the week.
By Rhoda Peacher

Just the Classics
These common types appear on menus both in homes and at traditional pizzerias.
By Jennifer MacKenzie

So Much More than Pepperoni
Recipes for chorizo and hot pepper pizza; prosciutto, fig and spinach pizza; chicken club pizza; and steak, mushroom and caramelized onion pizza
By Jennifer MacKenzie

Vegetarian Pizzas
Recipes for pizza margherita, apple-nut pizza, mozzucchini pizza and sweet potato-sweet tomato pizza
By Samantha Johnson and Paulette Johnson

Seafood Pizzas
Recipes for paella pizza with garlic shrimp and smoked salmon and spinach pizza
By Patricia Lehnhardt

California-style Pizzas
Recipes for California artichoke harvest pizza, white garlic and shrimp pizza, Greek goddess pizza and Brussels bounty pizza
By Kyra Kirkwood

Vegan Pizzas
Recipes for Mediterranean madness pizza and Thai veggie with cashew sauce
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Gluten-free Goodness
Recipes for ground-beef crust, Italian pizza and twisted pesto pizza
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Recipe for bacon and portobello mushroom calzone
By Fiona Green

Pizza Rolls
They might be small, but these bite-sized treats pack a big flavor.
By Sharon Kebschull Barrett

Grilled Pizzas
Recipes for BBQ chicken pizza and roasted vegetable and feta pizza
By Kyra Kirkwood

International Pizzas
Recipes for Greek pizza, Indian pizza, Mexican pizza and Scottish smoked salmon pizza
By Fiona Green

Breakfast Pizzas
Recipes for apple pie pizza and prosciutto and potato hash pizza with eggs
By Patricia Lehnhardt

Dessert Pizzas
Recipes for double-chocolate Black Forest pizza, raspberry crumble pizza, Kahlua fudge pizza and deep-dish pear and almond pizza
By Fiona Green

Thatza Kid-friendly Pizza!
Recipes for plain old pepperoni pizza and easy after-school cheese pizza
By Cherie Langlois

Party Time!
With these planning tips, your guests are guaranteed to have a finger-lickin’ good time.
By Kyra Kirkwood

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