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Enjoy overviews of current and past issues of Hobby Farms, Chickens, and the Hobby Farms Presents series, as well as other books related to hobby farming.

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Preview the current issue of Hobby Farms
Current Issue
Hobby Farms® Magazine
Hobby Farms® is the magazine for rural enthusiasts—hobby farmers, small production farmers and those passionate about the country.  Hobby Farms caters to all aspects of rural life—from small farm equipment, to livestock, to crops.  Hobby Farms highlights "rural living for pleasure and profit.”

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Urban Farm Magazine
Current Issue
Urban Farm®Magazine
Urban Farm® magazine—from the editors of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home—promotes the benefits of self sustainability and provides the tools with which to do it on any size property. Urban Farm® reaches out to those in the city and suburbs, those inspired by the local food movement,  want to raise chickens, grow food for themselves, support local ag and live more sustainably

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Preview the current issue of Chickens
Chickens® magazine provides expert advice about the nutrition, health and comfort of keeping a single bird or a small flock, as well as the care, collection and consumption of their eggs. Each issue also includes profiles of chicken keepers, coop maintenance and design tips, and breed descriptions.
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Hobby Farms Presents
The Hobby Farms Presents series is a collection of magabooks that covers farming topics of interest to small-scale farmers today. The series is designed to provide valuable information about farming and livestock to both those who already have a small farm as well as those who are pondering the big move to the country.

Hobby Farms Books -- Cooking With Heirlooms and more!Cooking with Heirlooms
Hobby Farm® Press books are the perfect resources for beginning rural enthusiasts and livestock owners or those who already have a small farm for pleasure or profit. The books are written to educate and entertain. Cooking with Heirlooms by Karen Keb Acevedo, offers recipes from America’s past that introduce the tastes of heirloom produce and heritage meats to weekend gardeners, hobby farmers, and urbanites alike. 


Can It!
Can It!
For those green-minded locavores seeking fresh foods from farmers’ markets and people wanting greater control over what they’re eating, Can It! opens the lid to a whole new world of delicious, sustainable options. Offering a modern perspective on this traditional kitchen art, Jackie Callahan Parente, a writer and lifelong home canner provides useful advice on the various aspects of canning, freezing and so much more, with an emphasis on safety and troubleshooting the problems that stand in the way of success for many beginners.


Cheese It!
Cheese It!
For all of the adventurous cheese makers, Cheese It! reduces the mysteries of transforming a couple of gallons of milk into a couple of pounds of delicious cheese. Artisanal cheese maker and author Cole Dawson leads the whey for beginners through the art and science of cheese making, including detailed advice on milk, coagulants and curds, equipment, safety, and more.

Urban FarmingUrban Farming: Sustainable City Living in Your Backyard, in Your Community, and in the World
Urban Farming by Thomas J. Fox introduces readers to the concepts of gardening and farming from high-rise apartment, participating in a community garden, vertical farming, and converting terraces and other small city spaces into fruitful, vegetable real estate. This comprehensive volume answers every up-and-coming urban farmer’s questions about how, what, where, and why—a new green book for the dedicated citizen seeking to reduce his or her carbon footprint and grocery bill.

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Reader Comments
Moved back in July 2014 and called with my new information and address but still have not received any of my Hobby Farms. Please contact me with info on how to fix this problem. I miss my Hobby Farms.
Annette, New Canada, ME
Posted: 1/20/2015 1:14:47 PM
My subscription just ended with my January issue. I was hoping for a 2015 calendar. Is there a 2015 print calendar? I have the last four years and would really love 2015. I would renew my subscription also.
Liz, Lake Orion, MI
Posted: 1/8/2015 7:30:56 AM
Apparently, Hobby Farms Home was discontinued and my subscription was transferred to Urban Farm. Can I have this changed to Urban Farming?
Maria, Morgantown, PA
Posted: 1/6/2015 12:02:09 PM
I think that Hobby Farms is just a magazine that reviews equipment and has no really interesting stories.
Sharon, Oakridge, OR
Posted: 9/5/2014 4:45:05 PM
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