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Your Stories, in Your Words

Read stories of other hobby farmers--we call them Reader Resumes--you send to us for each issue of Hobby Farms. Here are more that we've published.

Read the personal stories of farm life written by Hobby Farms readers.
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Farming in Faraway Places 
By Chad Trenary
Chief Warrant Officer 3
How small is too small to be considered a hobby farm? I am writing to you today from Camp Speicher near Tikrit, Iraq. Click to continue ...

Longhorn Dreams
By Nisha Coker

There are some dreams that just never seem to pan out; luckily, mine took only eight years. From the first time I set eyes on the magnificent Texas Longhorn cow, I knew I had to have one. Click to continue...

Reader Resume - Swine Misconception

Swine Misconception
By Kelli M. Shanley
It started in 1950, when my parents, then city dwellers, bought a farm south of Buffalo, N.Y. They decided, as every farmer does, that their farm should have farm animals, which eventually consisted of horses, chickens, goats and pigs ... Click to continue...

Reader Resume - When City Meets Country 

When City Meets Country
By Carol Schlagenhauser
As we added ponies, donkeys, Nubian goats, sheep, peafowl and an emu to our outside menagerie, we also added chinchillas, bunnies, guinea pigs, birds, a hedgehog, a potbellied pig, and stray dogs and cats to our inside collection of pets ... Click to continue...

Reader Resume - Dogwash Farm

Dogwash Farm
By Millard F. Johnson
The last time I hunted deer was more than 40 years ago ... This time I am hunting in the forest of Dawgwash Farm, the 100-acre, retirement hobby farm that my wife, Jane, and I have been building for the last five years ... Click to continue...

Goatastic Acres
By Kelly Kupiec
There’s a little something on our farm for everyone. I raise goats and love to fantasize that I’m a “real farm wife.” You know, a wife that can milk a cow with one hand tied behind her back ... Click to continue...

High Tales Alpaca Farm
By Brenda Urquhart
We designed and built our country home early in our married life. The trees and hillside granted us a lifestyle we loved. The fruit trees matured and our raised garden beds multiplied over the years. Click to continue ...

A Piece of Heaven
By Becky Fidler
Some people say change isn’t good, but for my husband, Dennis, and me, it was a new beginning in our lives. I always joked that this was our mid-life crisis move. It all began 12 years ago ... Click to continue ...

Reader Resume - A Little Piece of History


A Little Piece of History
By Joanne Negri
The original owners of our farm are buried in the backyard. That is, in the backyard of their time, which included many more acres than the five allotted to our property today. Family gravestones stand quiet and tilted, hidden away in the woods ... Click to continue
Reader Resume - Cricket Hill

Cricket Hill
By Judith M. Saul

Ten years ago my husband Henry and I moved to our log-home, mountain hideaway in North Carolina. We named it Cricket Hill because of the nightly serenade by the crickets. We were not thinking of a farm, only a quiet, peaceful place to live and work. Click to continue

Reader Resume - Small Steps to Contentment

Small Steps to Contentment
By Donald Healy

Much of my children’s lives were spent moving from state to state and city to city as a result of my military service...What I didn’t realize was that a childhood passion in myself was being rekindled; we began to discuss moving to the country. Click to continue

Reader Resume - Fish and Farm


Fish & Farm
By Michael Merrick, MD
The usual homestead routine is familiar to all Hobby Farm readers--planting, cultivating, harvesting and processing. When your farm is in Alaska, like mine...The garden, not planted until Memorial Day weekend, gets a late start, but the long hours of sunlight make everything grow exceptionally fast. Click to continue

Reader Resume - No Place Like Home


No Place Like Home
By Heidi Overson

While I was growing up, I would go outside and listen to what the farm was speaking to me...With goose bumps on my arms, I’d feel oddly at one with nature. I can’t explain the feelings that entered my soul through the beauty of nature, but perhaps you understand. Click to continue

Reader Resume - the Zen of Sheep Shearing

The Zen of Sheep Shearing
By Anne Schroeder

It so often happens that we take steps toward change in our lives but don’t grasp the consequences until we’re knee-deep in it. It’s like that with sheep, only more so. Click to continue

Reader Resume - Barn Home


Barn Home
By Dale Sutton
My family ... lived through the Depression, World War II and the Korean Conflict, always keeping 1,000 laying hens and 30 head of purebred Guernsey cattle. The selling of milk and eggs gave us the money to buy food and some extra funds to repair the house and barns. Click to continue ...

Reader Resume - Returning to the Good Life


Returning to the Good Life
By Robin Mullet
As a boy, my husband Dick (shown left) liked to sneak away from his chores to walk the hills surrounding his home in eastern Ohio...When he left for college and his engineering career, he was sure he had left the farm life in the hills for good. Little did he know that 30 years later ... Click to continue ...

Reader Resume - A Woman Who Runs with the Sheep

A Woman Who Runs With the Sheep
By BL Wiedenbeck
When we moved to our small farm in 1998, we were determined to do something of farming-value with the property, even though my husband and I were city kids with no farm experience ... this was quite a lifestyle change for us and our four children! We had a lot to learn. Click to continue ...


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Reader Comments
I read an article in your Jan/Feb. (2009) addition that was really heart warming. The article was written by a Ms. Julian HARLOW, and titled "Gift from God". It really hit a SOFT SPOT, because I am 73 years old and always dreamed of getting a farm. I finally retired,and checking on farms for sale in NC. I wanted her to know that her story gave me confidence to "Go get your Farm" with out being worried about being to old. I am a subscriber of your magazine and think it's great.

Thank you,
William C. Damiano
William Damiano, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Posted: 12/18/2011 11:00:20 AM
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