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Browse the extensive selection of products for your farm including horse grooming supplies, horse care products, dog and cat beds, treats, dog kennels and cat furniture. Almost everything you need for your horse, dog or cat can be found here.

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Product Spotlight
THE THIRSTY BIRD is the last bird waterer you will ever need. This patent pending design is the low cost, low maintenance, time saving solution to the problems conventional waterers have such as unsanitary water troughs, required daily cleaning, spilling and drying out.
Whether a weekend gardener or dedicated small farmer, Hobby Farm: Chickens will help both experienced and novice hobby farmers realize their own dreams of life on the farm-for pleasure and profit.
Fluids endorsed by The TractorLife.com Authenticated mark meet and often exceed OEM credentials, providing you optimal protection against wear, rust, oxidation, brake chatter, extreme temperatures, and ultimately, premature equipment failure.
Pen Pals® Chicken Feeds are formulated to efficiently develop strong, healthy birds, permitting maximum egg and meat production. A variety of products are available to make feeding backyard flocks easy and convenient.
Goats are one of America’s favorite farm animals. Whether you are interested in meat goats, dairy goats, fiber goats or some of each, Popular Farming™ Series: Goats issue has everything you need!
Barn Pros has been providing quality engineered timber frame barn kits for the last 22 years. We offer a structure for every budget, customized to your needs and backed by a lifetime warranty. Add a beautiful, long-lasting barn to your farm with help from the PROS!
Sheep are one of America's favorite farm animals. Popular Farming™ Series: Sheep has everything you need to know to start raising sheep or to tackle new adventures with your flock.
This beautifully illustrated book offers an intimate look at hobby farms, how some people use them to make a living, and how others use them for pleasure. Hobby Farm illuminates just how fulfilling a life away from the big city can be.
The Popular Farming Series: Donkeys & Mules has everything you need to know to start raising donkeys and mules. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Donkeys & Mules is a must for any small farmer’s library.
The ADOR Automatic Chicken Door is the new standard in chicken doors. Constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel, and with a direct-drive sprocket, the ADOR is a complete system. ADOR screws to your coop’s wall.
Hobby Farm: Beef Cattle, the companion edition to Hobby Farm, will help both experienced and novice hobby farmers realize their own dreams of life on the farm-for pleasure and profit.
Vari-Slice seeder for worked or no-till conditions, and where tight germination of grass seed is needed. Disc angle can be adjusted to move over the ground and the rugged cutting coulters cut through roots, limbs and debris.
Sand Creek Post & Beam is the leading manufacturer of custom designed wood barn kits across the country. All our barns and barn homes feature post and beam construction and rough-cut timbers, providing strength and beauty that lasts generations. Where will you build your dream barn? Click the link to enter our site and request your free catalog today!
Using foods available in each season of the year, these mouthwatering dishes pay homage to America’s wonderful cooking diversity and allow everyone to bask in our vast and savory national food heritage.
The FOD-16 flip-over disc offers easy transport and works in wildlife food plots, gardens or orchards. Eight (8) 16” notched blades provides efficient trash cutting and optimal soil penetration.
Orcharding has the tools and information to help your trees grow and your orchard flourish. It’s the essential resource for every orchardist and fruit or nut enthusiast.
In today’s food-conscious society, heirlooms are growing in popularity. Popular Farming™ Series: Heirloom Farm has everything you need to know about saving seeds and growing heirloom produce and flowers.
Pigs are more than the stereotype portrays them to be. Pigs are intelligent, curious, particular, socialized and loving animals. Popular Farming™ Series: Pigs has everything you need to know from choosing a breed to handling!
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