soil test

How to Read Your Soil Test

Although ordering and interpreting a soil test is far from glamorous, it will give you key facts about your soil that will help make your garden a success.

Save H20: Water Your Garden Using a Rain Barrel

Only about 2 to 3 percent of the Earth’s water is fresh, and of that percentage, a scant 0.3 percent is available for use. With every living thing on the planet utterly dependent on it, fresh water will become more and more valuable over the coming years.

Using Wood Ash in the Garden

We’ve been busy trying to stay warm here in western Pennsylvania and have been enjoying many fires in our fireplace. As a result, we have a lot of wood ash.

Biochars Boost Soil Moisture

A study of nine different biochars found various effects on water availability in silt-loam and sandy soils.

Growing Edible Vines

Beautiful is bountiful when you blend form and function in your gardenscape with fruiting vines.

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