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Premiere 2009 - Table of Contents
Take a peek at Urban Farm magazine, your source for sustainable city living.

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Urban Farm 2009 Premiere Table of Contents
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The Sustainable Life
What it means to live "sustainably” and how to do it.
by Lynda King

Back to Basics
Learn to Grow Biointensive—a holistic approach to growing in any area, city to farm.
by John Jeavons

Class Is In Session
If you’re new to urban farming, enroll in a class—from composting to chicken keeping—in your city.
by Deborah Brandt Buehler

Chicks (& Goats) in the City
Raise some of your own food by keeping chickens and goats in your suburban backyard.
by Cherie Langlois

Beekeeping in the ‘Burbs
From backyards to rooftops, bees can thrive and provide you with homegrown honey.
by Susan M. Brackney

Where Urban Meets Farm
Meet three groups of nontraditional farmers, growing vegetables and raising animals on rooftops, along sidewalks and in a suburban backyard.
by Erik Knutzen

Lawn Be Gone
If a lawn requires too much input from you, learn how to replace it with native perennials or vegetables.
by Susan M. Brackney

Rules of Containment
Follow this gardening expert’s advice for growing fruits and vegetables in patio containers.
by P. Allen Smith

Eat Local: Hire a Personal Vegetable Gardener
When you want to eat homegrown foods but don’t have time to garden, hire someone to do it for you.
by Rose Strong

Urban Renewal
Straight recycling is so last decade. Learn some fresh ideas for the "reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra.
by Jessica Walliser

Hoarding the Harvest
Preserving doesn’t have to be daunting. We offer simple ways to put up your homegrown harvest.
by Cheryl Morrison

Growing Communities
From San Francisco to Atlanta, community pride has sprouted wherever there is a communal garden.
by Cherie Langlois

Mini Gardens Under Glass
Build a simple and beautiful terrarium in seven easy steps.
by P. Allen Smith


Green Thumb
R.J. Ruppenthal

Backyard Coop
Barbara Kilarski

Urban Feast
Kris Sherer


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Urban Farm magazine will be published four times in 2010 and is not yet available for subscription.



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