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Spring 2010 - Table of Contents
Take a peek at Urban Farm magazine, your source for sustainable city living.

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Urban Farm Spring 2010 Table of Contents
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A Return to the Land
Self-sufficiency isn’t just for rural dwellers anymore. 
by Sharon Biggs

P is for Prosper
You’ve heard of urban-farming pioneer Will Allen. Now learn about his farm- and community-building principles and how you can put them to work in your city. 
by Debbie Moors

Where Urban Meets Farm: Pushing City Limits
Ordinances are an unfortunate reality of city and suburban life. These urban farmers have faced ordinance struggles but managed to dig themselves out.  
by Erik Knutzen

Tenant Farmer
You don’t have to own your pad to produce your own food. Win over your landlord’s urban-farming sensibilities. 
by Libby Reinish

Meet the Chicken Keepers
Suburban backyard, city backyard and even indoors (really!)—these crazy cluckers raise their chickens in less-than-traditional settings. 
by Sharon Anne Waldrop

Cinch by the Square Foot
Developed for small-space gardening, these 10 principles will get you on your way to growing. 
by Mel Bartholomew

Permission to Play in the Dirt
Make compost your best gardening friend with hands-on and hands-off techniques. 
by Chris McLaughlin

Savoring the Seasons
Mmmmmm ... local eating. You can do it, year-round.
by Kris Sherer

All for One and One for All
When you can’t grow it yourself, rely on a local farmer to grow it for you with a CSA membership. 
by Lynda King

Urban Farm Road Trip: Honolulu
Urban Farm travels to the Aloha State to discover its capitol city’s exotic sustainability. 
by Susan Kang Sunderland

Power to the People
Get off the grid with solar, wind, geothermal and microhydro energy. 
by Carol Ekarius

Greywater Action: Sustaining Water
Like superheroes of the greywater world, Greywater Action leads the way to water conservation and reuse. 
by Cherie Langlois 


Backyard Coop
Barbara Kilarski

Green Thumb 
R.J. Ruppenthal

Curbside Tools
Compost Tools 
Chris McLaughlin

Urban Feast 
Deborah Madison 


Note: Urban Farm magazine will be published four times in 2010 and is not yet available for subscription.

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