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UF Connects

Links and local events for the urban farmer.


Balcony Gardening 
Container gardening for the masses.  

Burbs and the Bees
Suburban homesteading and beekeeping.
Ghost Town Farm
Author and urban farmer Novella Carpenter.
Going Green D.C.
All things green in the capitol city.
Homegrown Evolution
Urban Farm contributor Erik Knutzen plus the other half of his urban-farming team, Kelly Coyne.  

Joel the Urban Gardener
Based in Baltimore, Md. 

L.A. Farm Girl
Urban farming, agriculture and gardening.   

Leda’s Urban Homestead
Leda Meredith’s living-green adventures in Brooklyn.
UltraPure Systems
Environmentally revitalizing ideas. 

The Urban Farmer’s Almanac
Gardening, canning and chickens in Seattle.


The Chicken Revolution
Helping citizens shape chicken-keeping ordinances. 

The City Chicken
Encouragement and information for keeping chickens inside city limits. 

Mad City Chickens
Backyard-chicken-raising advice from Madison, Wis.   

Poultry One
Advice and community for backyard chicken keepers.  

Green News & Resources 

American Wind Energy Association
Everything you need to know about wind energy.
Clean Water Action
Protecting water and building communities.
Friends of the Earth
Grassroots environmental network.
Green Edge Collaborative
N.Y.C. social network connecting people with resources for building a sustainable future.   

H2O Conserve
Focuses on water issues and solutions. 

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
News, maps and information about solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen energy.  

Covering issues and advice for a sustainable future.   

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association
Nonprofit organization assisting people in making healthy, sustainable choices.  
Safer Pest Control Project
Dedicated to reducing the health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides and promoting safer alternatives in Illinois.
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Nonprofit organization with more than 10,000 members promoting bicycle transportation around the city.   

The Solar Living Institute
Promoting solar energy and environmental education.  
U.S. Department of Energy
Energy conservation tips and information.
Local Food 

Atlanta Local Food Initiative 
Linking community members for a local food system that enhances human, environmental and community wellness. 

The Eat Well Guide
Directory of fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada.  

Food Routes
Nonprofit organization reintroducing Americans to their food.  

Sustainable Table
Celebrating local, sustainable food, providing information about food-related issues and building community through food.  

Urban Beekeeping 

Beesource Beekeeping 
Online social networking and information community for beekeepers.   

Denver Beekeepers Association
Dedicated to urban beekeepers and those interested in bees.
Hawaii Beekeepers’ Association
Nonprofit organization for educating beekeepers and maintaining beekeepers’ rights.   

New York City Beekeepers Association
Nonprofit organization for sharing knowledge and interest in beekeeping.  

Urban Farming
Added Value
Nonprofit organization providing youth empowerment and farm-based learning through a South Brooklyn urban farm.  
Jones Valley Urban Farm
Community-based nonprofit urban-farming organization in Birmingham, Ala., utilizing more than 3 acres of vacant downtown property.  

Urban Farming
Creating an abundance of food by planting gardens on unused land across the U.S. 

Urban Farming Advocates 
Individuals, business owners and organizations seeking to legalize urban farming in Los Angeles. 

Urban Gardening 

Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students
After-school and summer gardening programs for children from the city.  

D.C. Schoolyard Greening
Dedicated to schoolyard green spaces to promote ecological literacy and environmental stewardship.  

D.C. Urban Gardeners
A network of hundreds of people greening and making Washington, D.C.-area growing projects happen.  
Genesee County Land Bank
Prevents foreclosure and brings vacant properties back into productive use, such as through greening and gardening.
Oahu Urban Garden Center
Horticultural information provided by the University of Hawaii at Manoa Cooperative Extension.
Los Angeles Community Garden Council
Connecting people with community garden space.    

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Reader Comments
could you please direct me to the appropriate location to put the page number of "Where Ye Bee " is located. Please Help. Thank You
Karen, Highland, IN
Posted: 9/5/2012 1:50:04 AM
This is pprobably the wrong place to ask this, but it's the only place I could find that I can get in contact with your magizine.The contest, "Where Ye Bee?" Let alone, where to type in "With the subject line Hidden Honeybee"
Would you be able to direct me to the appropriate location?
Stephen Allman, butler, PA
Posted: 8/22/2012 5:36:01 AM
I was excited to see a heading for container gardening! However all it brought up was a small blog from 2006 that listed some plants/trees they had in containers. There are a lot of great resources for container gardening out there. I look forward to seeing more listed! Thank you.
Tinameri, Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 3/25/2010 3:18:52 AM
i love that you have all of these links. a great resource. i picked up urban farm magazine and am about to post a story about it on my web site.
would love to be a part of your uf connects if you find it appropriate....
michelle, santa fe, NM
Posted: 1/16/2010 8:19:03 PM
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