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Why I'm an Urban Farmer

Why are we urban farmers?

Aliza Sollins from Maryland
"Because there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing an empty, trash-strewn lot transform into a lush jungle of produce, a wildlife habitat and a community area from the simple act of planting seeds." 

—Aliza Sollins, Baltimore, Md. 

Danielle Swap from Florida
"Because I want my children to understand that eggs come from chickens, and our food comes from the land, and it takes hard work and rain, sunshine and love to make it happen."
—Danielle Swap, Kissimmee, Fla.



Justin, Tracey, Giselle and Saer Tiret from Oregon
"Because organic goat milk is $16 per gallon. With the amount we go through, we could buy a goat a month." 

—Justin, Tracey,  Giselle and Saer Tiret, Portland, Ore. 

Tell us why you’re an urban farmer at www.urbanfarmonline.com/contact.

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Why I'm an Urban Farmer

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Reader Comments
I am an urban farmer because I am tired of paying high prices for all the junk in the grocery stores. I raise my own dairy goats, I grow my own vegetables and bake my own bread - so I know I am feeding my family the best I can.
Diane, New Richmond, OH
Posted: 10/4/2011 7:52:37 AM
" I am an urban farmer because I got tired of giving all my money to the high priced whole foods stores that import most of their stuff anyway, so consumers have to pay for all that wasted fuel. If we had more urban farms - supported by taxes and governments - we would have more food quality and food security. Plus, it is the kind of work I most want to do, in communion with God's glorious creation. "
Victor, Springfield, MO
Posted: 7/11/2010 9:53:52 PM
I am an urban farmer because I believe that no matter where we live, we can make the best use of the land (or balcony) that we have. Local daycare children come by and see the chickens, rabbits, gardens and goats. The delight and wonder in their faces tells me I am doing something more than feeding myself. I am passing on the knowledge that is quickly being lost in our country. The knowledge of where our food comes from.
Darlene, Kalispell, MT
Posted: 6/27/2010 6:04:30 AM
Not only do gardens need rain, sunshine and care, but they need prayer. That your garden may be a blessing to someone else, not only you.
Matt, Shreveport, LA
Posted: 4/24/2010 5:32:23 PM
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