3 Creative Uses For Common Yard Carts

Yard carts can be put to use in so many ways. If you're looking to be inspired with new ways to use yard carts, you’ve come to the right place.

by J. Keeler JohnsonDecember 13, 2022
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

Every farm needs at least one yard cart. These small four-wheeled carts can be put to use in so many ways. You probably already have one and are nodding your head as I explain how they’re perfect for transporting rocks, compost, plant materials, bricks, water, hay bales, tools and more around a farm. Whether pulled by hand or towed behind a tractor or ATV/UTV, yard carts travel a lot of miles.

But maybe you haven’t yet realized the full versatility of yard carts. If you looking to be inspired with new ways to use yard carts, you’ve come to the right place. Depending on the type of yard cart you have (and we have a simple guide to help you choose which you need), here are three creative ways to use a yard cart around your farm.

1. Bring potted plants inside (and out again)

Are you growing cold-sensitive plants that risk being damaged by your local nighttime temperatures? A yard cart can simplify the process of moving plants inside and out as temperatures shift.

Maybe you have potted seedlings you’re waiting to plant until all danger of frost is past. You bring them outside for sunshine during the day and tuck them in a heated garage at night.

Or maybe you’re growing a potted citrus tree that is too heavy for one person to lift by hand. In either instance (moving a large volume of plants or moving one heavy plant), placing the plants on a yard cart saves time and/or effort when moving them from one location to another.

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2. Dry onions, garlic, etc.

A metal yard cart with a mesh bed can be perfect for drying crops like onions and garlic. The mesh surface provides lots of airflow for proper drying. And you can pull the yard cart along with you as you harvest.

Once your crop is harvested and stored on the yard cart, it’s easy to pull the yard cart to a well-ventilated location suitable for drying (out of direct sunlight in the case of garlic). You can also pull it into a garage if rain threatens or at night if you’re concerned critters will stop by and munch on your harvest.

3. Plant flowers

Some yard carts have flat beds, and these are perfect for drying onions and garlic. But if you have a polypropylene yard cart with raised sides, you can convert it into a flower planter.

Since proper drainage is important for any planter, you’ll want to drill a few holes in the bottom of the yard cart. After that, you can fill the yard cart with gardening soil and plant a beautiful selection of flowers.

The best part? You can readily pull the yard cart to different locations, so you can easily introduce a burst of beauty to any spot in your garden or yard. Change it up as often as you like.

Now that we’ve started the ball rolling, your mind is probably brimming with your own ideas for creatively using yard carts. Have fun thinking outside the box!