Holstein Cattle

Holstein Cattle

One of the largest sized and producing dairy breeds, the black and white Holsteins to many are the quintessential dairy cow.

Jersey Cattle

Jersey Cattle

Jerseys are a smaller breed, producing rich butterfat milk. They’re one of the most popular breeds among homesteaders.

Milking Devon cattle

Milking Devon Cattle

Milking Devons, known as the first British cattle to come to America, are highly adaptable, milk and meat producers.

Pineywoods cattle

Pineywoods Cattle

The Pineywoods and Florida Cracker have a rich history–and can serve a small farmer as a hardy, efficient beef, milk or draft cattle choice.

Santa Gertrudis cattle

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

A great choice for warmer climates, Santa Gertrudis–part Brahmin (Zebu) and part Shorthorn–is a distinctive beef breed.

Texas Longhorn Cattle

In addition to their striking appearance (great for shows), Longhorns make a great, low-fat meat-producing livestock choice.

Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle

The Brahman are the larger of the Zebu cattle. If you live in a warm climate, Zebu make great sires, as well as beef and milk producers.

Welsh Black cattle

Welsh Black Cattle

The Welsh Black, a hardy, efficient beef producer, can hold its own against many other more popular beef cattle.

British White Cattle

These mostly white, efficient beef producers have a history that takes them back to Scandanavia.



Yaks, exotic? Think again. Their small size, fabulous pelts and easy-working nature make them a great choice for a small farmer.