Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy draft work such as cart pulling. They are intelligent and easy to train, making them good choices for dairy cattle drivers or watchdogs.

Giant Schnauzers

The Giant Schnauzer is a reliable, brave and loyal dog breed, allowing it to work well as a watchdog or herding dog.


The Rottweiler is easily trained, courageous and loyal, which allows it to excel at many farm tasks. Its farm talents include trailing, guarding, herding, cattle driving and watchdog duties.

Australian Cattle Dogs

With Australian Cattle Dogs’ ardent desire to please and their extreme intelligence, they are obedient for cattle herding and other work around the farm. They are natural guardians and eager companions.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi dog breed is used on the farm in cattle herding. Its protective and devoted nature makes it a good family dog in addition to a farm guard dog.

Jersey Cattle

Jersey Cattle

Jerseys are a smaller breed, producing rich butterfat milk. They’re one of the most popular breeds among homesteaders.

Milking Devon cattle

Milking Devon Cattle

Milking Devons, known as the first British cattle to come to America, are highly adaptable, milk and meat producers.

Pineywoods cattle

Pineywoods Cattle

The Pineywoods and Florida Cracker have a rich history–and can serve a small farmer as a hardy, efficient beef, milk or draft cattle choice.

Santa Gertrudis cattle

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

A great choice for warmer climates, Santa Gertrudis–part Brahmin (Zebu) and part Shorthorn–is a distinctive beef breed.

Texas Longhorn Cattle

In addition to their striking appearance (great for shows), Longhorns make a great, low-fat meat-producing livestock choice.