How To Select Beef Cattle

Delaware Valley College’s livestock operation manager walks you through the basics of cow conformation.

mini pigs

Go Small With Miniature Livestock

At what age or weight should I breed my Mini Myotonic goats? I’ve found a lot of info on larger goats but nothing about smaller goats. —Ann Wheeler

Black cow at green field

5 Steps To Healthier Cattle Pastures

Boost the nutritional content of your grazing-pasture plants to boost cattle health and get better quality dairy and beef products in return.


Get The Most From Dewormers

Let’s wrap up this series on internal parasites with some steps you can take to get the most out of chemical dewormers on your farm.

How to Manage Q Fever

Keep your livestock and yourself safe from Q fever with these management tips.

Once-a-Day Milk Cows

If your milk is worth the squeeze but your schedule is packed, consider moving to a once-a-day milking regimen.

Milking a cow

How To Milk A Cow

Provide for your family’s milk, butter and cheese needs by adding a dairy cow to the farmstead.

Why Body Condition Score Your Cows?

Assess the nutritional status and needs of your beef or dairy cattle with body condition scoring to better communicate that information to your vet.