famous donkeys

Famous Donkeys

Donkeys are famous! At least some of them are. Here are some noteworthy donkeys you might or might not have heard of. If you can think of others, please leave a comment. Our donkey, Ishtar, wants to know!


Donkey’s Milk

I’ve been thinking about the many things I’ve blogged about, and I haven’t talked much about donkeys! Oh, I blogged about donkeys as livestock guardians, but not about everyday donkey stuff or the wild and wacky things Mom learned about donkeys when writing The Donkey Companion (Storey Publishing, 2008).



Mules were developed to provide a strong, placid animal for packing, riding and driving. Breeding a female horse to a male donkey creates a mule, and breeding male horse to a female donkey creates a hinny (less common); both are usually sterile.

Poitou donkey

Poitou Donkeys

The extremely rare Poitou Donkey, with its long, shaggy coat is mainly used as a draft animal.

Miniature donkey

Miniature Donkeys

Developed in the Mediterranean, Miniature Donkeys can make good pets and are best kept with other animals.

American Mammoth Jackstock Donkeys

A threatened breed, the versatile, strong American Mammoth Jack can be used as a draft animal, as well as for riding and more.

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