coyote predator

5 Predators After Your Livestock

Here are details on identifying and protecting against predators, the natural enemies of your animals, on the ground.

pastured poultry

4 Myths About Pastured Poultry

Don’t let your farm customers get confused about package labels. Set them straight about how a pastured-poultry operation works.

muscovy duck

Don’t Release Muscovy Ducks!

I rescued four Muscovy duck today and want to release them on our community lake, which already has a number of other ducks. Will there be behavioral problems?

Cayuga Duck

Cayuga Duck

The Cayuga is a prolific duck and can lay 100 to 150 eggs per year. They are known for their flavorful meat, ideal in dishes such as duck confit.

Rouen ducks

Rouen Ducks

The Rouen is a handsome, heavyweight duck is frequently raised as a show bird–as well as for meat.

Runner ducks

Runner Ducks

Runners are by far the best duck egg producers; they make great pets and even show birds.

Call Ducks

Call Ducks

A bantem breed, Calls can be kept for pets or used in shows; they make good mothers.

Muscovy duck

Muscovy Ducks

Fabulous foragers, Muscovies are among the largest duck breeds can be recognized by their red, fleshy carnucles.

Pekin duck

Pekin Ducks

A large breed, prized for its meat, Pekins are an iconic white duck.

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