Australian Kelpies

The Australian Kelpie is an independent dog breed that is known to herd other animals when not out in the field herding with its master. It can be good with children if it’s raised and socialized with them from puppyhood.

Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd dog breed is highly versatile, intelligent and easy to train to herd livestock. It likes activity and should be exercised and played with several times daily. Aussies make wonderful family dogs, as they are good with children and make excellent watchdogs. These smart dogs can learn just about any farm job, so begin training early.

English Shepherds

The English Shepherd dog breed has a calm steadiness, keen senses and is intelligent, making it an excellent breed for livestock herding. They are active, good with children and make good watchdogs.

Border Collies

The Border Collie dog breed is often considered the finest sheepherding dog in the world, bred strictly for working ability rather than appearance. It has strong herding instincts and can often work independently. It makes an excellent watchdog.

German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog breed’s versatility has led it to a farm career in herding livestock, in addition to its well-known positions with police forces and search-and-rescue teams.

Australian Cattle Dogs

With Australian Cattle Dogs’ ardent desire to please and their extreme intelligence, they are obedient for cattle herding and other work around the farm. They are natural guardians and eager companions.

herding dog dogs farm

Using Herding Dogs on the Farm

Dogs make wonderful farm companions and invaluable farm workers, especially when it comes to managing livestock.

Italian dog

Italian Dogs

I’m crazy about dogs. My cats don’t permit me to have a dog myself, but luckily, I get to play with a lot of dogs on the streets of Rapallo.

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