pastured poultry

4 Myths About Pastured Poultry

Don’t let your farm customers get confused about package labels. Set them straight about how a pastured-poultry operation works.


Get Goosed

The day before yesterday, a big flock of wild geese went winging south, way up in the sky. Mom shaded her eyes with her hand and watched them go. Then she sighed and went back to forking hay.


Could Your Geese Have Gapeworm?

Two of my three Pilgrim geese, all girls, started making a squeaky noise instead of their normal squawking. They are about 6 years old. Any ideas as to why they are doing this? —Bea

African Goose

African Geese

A massive breed raised for meat and feathers, the African is a hardy breed of goose.

Chinese Geese

Chinese Geese

Prolific layers, Chinese geese are small, graceful and thought descend from the Asian Swan goose.

Embden Geese

Embden Geese

The tall, down- and egg-producing Embden has been described as one of the most popular breeds of geese.

Pilgrim geese

Pilgrim Geese

A medium-class, sex-linked breed, the Pilgrim has distinct coloration and produces fine meat.

Toulouse geese

Toulouse Geese

A old, French breed, the heavy Toulouse is characterized by a large pendulous dewlap.

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