Hackney Horse Horses

Mainly a show horse, the Hackney was a popular driving horse in England and the United States in the late 1880s.

Irish Draught Horses

Irish Draught Horses

Thought to originate from the chariot horses of the Roman Empire, the Irish Draught are considered top jumping and eventing horses.

Miniature horse

Miniature Horses

The Miniature horse can be used to drive small carts and also kept as a pet or companion to other animals.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses

Used early on as work horses, Missouri Fox Trotters may now be seen in shows; they’re also a common pleasure horse.

Mountain Pleasure horse

Mountain Pleasure Horses

The sturdy, calm Mountain Pleasure horse is a rare breed that has been used mainly as a family horse.



Mules were developed to provide a strong, placid animal for packing, riding and driving. Breeding a female horse to a male donkey creates a mule, and breeding male horse to a female donkey creates a hinny (less common); both are usually sterile.

Mustang horse

Mustang Horses

Sporting a variety of looks, the Mustang is one of the first wild horse breeds in North America. Controversy still surrounds their living in the wild.

American Cream and White Horses

American Cream and White Horses

The history of this mainly riding horse began with the birth of colt with a pure white coat, though the colors vary today.

American Morgan Horses

American Morgan Horses

One of the mounts used by Civil War soldiers, Morgans are an ideal horse for showing, drill teams and even police horses.

American Saddlebred Horses

American Saddlebred Horses

The elegant Saddlebred, used mainly as a show horse, has a long interesting history in America.