Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs

Cute-looking Vietnamese Potbelly pigs can make fun pets, but care must be taken when decided to welcome these petite porcines into your home.

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Known as a multipurpose breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots are a large, pink-skinned pig with irregular black spots. Extremely rare in both the United States and United Kingdom, they’re considered a critically endangered breed.

Guinea Hog Pigs

Guinea Hogs

The Guinea Hog has come to be known as a unique, American breed. The small, hairy hog has friendly disposition, popular with petting zoos–and their finely flavored meat, fattier than most breeds, is well liked.

Hampshire pigs

Hampshire Pigs

A vigorous, attractive breed, Hampshires sport a white belt—and may be one of the oldest swine breeds.

Close up of a Hereford hog

Hereford Hogs

Great for showing or producing meat, Herefords are a red hog with white feet, faces and sometimes bellies.

Kunekune pig

KuneKune Pigs

The KuneKune pig is a producer of sweet, succulent meat. It is an intelligent and charming breed that makes an excellent addition to any pig lover’s menagerie.

Large Black pigs

Large Black Pigs

Originating in England, the Large Black hogs were initially selected for bacon; they also have large hams. Identify them by their dark pigmented skin and large, dropping ears that nearly cover their face.

Mulefoot hogs

Mulefoot Hogs

The Mulefoot Hog is prized for its succulent, flavorful meat–as well as its distinctive feature: hoof-like feet, with single toes that resemble the hooves of an equine.

Ossabaw Island Pigs

Ossabaw Island Hogs

With pricked ears, long snouts and heavy coats with thick hackles similar to the Razorback, Ossabaws still closely resemble their Spanish ancestors. They’re excellent nest builders and mothers and offer tasty meat with a firm texture.

Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs

The black and white Berkshire has long been known for its excellent meat. It’s becoming more popular as a niche breed among small farmers.