Hog Wild

When I told my animal friends that I didn’t know what to blog about this week, Carlotta said, “Talk about me! Blog about wild pigs!”

Red Wattle hog

Red Wattle Hogs

Generally red in color, Red Wattles may have black markings–and are distinguished especially by the thumb-sized wattles that hang from their lower jaws. Red Wattles produce a fine, lean meat, described as a cross between beef and pork in taste.

Vietnamese Potbelly Pigs

Cute-looking Vietnamese Potbelly pigs can make fun pets, but care must be taken when decided to welcome these petite porcines into your home.

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Known as a multipurpose breed, Gloucestershire Old Spots are a large, pink-skinned pig with irregular black spots. Extremely rare in both the United States and United Kingdom, they’re considered a critically endangered breed.

Guinea Hog Pigs

Guinea Hogs

The Guinea Hog has come to be known as a unique, American breed. The small, hairy hog has friendly disposition, popular with petting zoos–and their finely flavored meat, fattier than most breeds, is well liked.

Hampshire pigs

Hampshire Pigs

A vigorous, attractive breed, Hampshires sport a white belt—and may be one of the oldest swine breeds.