garden rabbit

Garden Bunny Blues

I’m having a mental war with a rabbit. So far the little devil has eaten two different plantings of broccoli and cabbage to the nub, feasted on innumerous strawberries, sacked my lettuce crop, and chomped the carrot greens to the ground.

Rex Rabbits

The Rex rabbit breed is a meaty rabbit that was developed from a mutation giving it extremely dense, velvety fur. Photo Courtesy Bowtie, Inc./ Isabelle Francais

Polish Rabbits

The Polish rabbit breed descended from the white hutch rabbit and was first bred as a ruby-eyed white rabbit. Photo Courtesy Marylou Zarbock

Holland Lop Rabbits

The Holland Lop rabbit breed is a dwarf breed known to be excited, people-oriented and affectionate. Photo Courtesy Bowtie, Inc./ Isabelle Francais

Jersey Wooly Rabbits

The Jersey Wooly rabbit breed was developed for its long, wooly coat. Photo Courtesy Marylou Zarbock

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit breed, when fully grown, resembles a kit with its small body, short ears and large eyes. Photo Courtesy Marylou Zarbock

Tan Rabbits

The Tan rabbit breed has similar markings to Doberman Pincher dogs and is know for its active temperament. Photo Courtesy Bowtie, Inc./ Isabelle Francais

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