Southdown sheep

Southdown Sheep

The fast-growing Southdown is an efficient and economical converter of grass to lean, tender and flavorful meat. They make popular exhibition livestock and good projects for young people due to their mellow temperaments.


Finnsheep Sheep

A prolific breed that evolved from wild mountain sheep, the Finnsheep offers both meat and soft, lustrous wool.

Suffolk sheep

Suffolk Sheep

A popular meat breed, the large Suffolk has a regal look that also offers medium wool.

Gotland Sheep

Gotland Sheep

The medium-sized Gotland is a true multipurpose, long wool sheep. They yield good-flavored, close-grained meat, fur skins and soft lustrous fleece. Gotland sheep still exist on the island of Gotland.

Hampshire Sheep

Hampshire Sheep

Try the Hampshire for an efficient meat producer, as well as fine, dense wool. Use as sires is also common.

Hog Island Sheep

Hog Island Sheep

These rugged, low-maintenance sheep produce mainly white wool and make a fine choice for hobby farmers.

Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep

The medium-sized Icelandic are a good triple-purpose sheep: They offer meat, milk and the versatile, double-coated fleeces grown by this breed charm hand spinners with a wide and lovely range of natural colors. .

karakul sheep

Karakul Sheep

Karakul wool is an ideal medium for weaving fine rugs and saddle blankets as well as for felting. These sheep are one of the most ancient breeds.

katahdin sheep

Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins make hardy, low-maintenance meat animals and produce excellent lamb crops that hold appeal for specialty markets.

Merino sheep

Merino Sheep

The Merino is justifiably famous for its wool. Hand spinners adore the Merino’s exceptionally fine fleece, which spins up into a soft yarn.