basil seed drink
UF Hack: Drink Your Basil Seeds

Letting your basil plants go to seed isn’t a bad thing—use the seeds in internationally inspired drinks and desserts.

using cardboard for gardening
UF Hack: Put Cardboard To Use

Keep your leftover boxes from deliveries, gifts, or supplies out of the trash and put it to use on your farm.

fence post hack urban farm
UF Hack: Low-Cost Garden Fence Posts

Protecting your prize crop doesn’t have to be expensive. It just takes a little creative problem-solving with what you use for fence posts.

UF Hack: The Trigger Feeder

Protect your city flock’s feed from thieving sparrows and rodents with this no-waste feeder solution

4 Steps To Building Better Community

You undoubtedly want to take your passion for urban farming to the streets—but first, you need to gather a crowd of supporters.

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