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Month-by-month Beekeeping

Two beekeepers walk you through a monthly schedule of easy-to-follow beekeeping tasks according to region.

3 Lesson Plans for FFA Students

Teachers or parents, incorporate these lesson plans into your FFA student’s (or other agriculture enthusiast’s) agriculture curriculum to boost critical thinking skills.

Colossal Cabbages, Mega Learning

Courtesy Bonnie Plants Third-grader Audrey Bloomquist, who grew a 17-pound cabbage, was the Montana winner in the Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program. Spring growing season is near, and third graders from around the country are invited to participate in the 16th annual Bonnie Plant Cabbage Program for an opportunity to learn how to grow a colossal […]

Wild Pollinators Share Pathogens

Wild Pollinators Share Pathogens – Hobby FarmsWild Pollinators Share PathogensDiseases that affect your Honey bees could also affect 11 other species of wild pollinators, a study finds.Diseases that affect your Honey bees could also affect 11 other species of wild pollinators, a study finds.By Amy GrisakFebruary 8, 2011In a December 2010 Penn State University study […]

A Potager at Your Door

Create a European style kitchen garden; it’s one-stop shopping where you can harvest your meals as well as a gorgeous bouquet for the table.

Great Gardening Tools

Here are 6 gardening tools picked by gardener Amy Grisak. No matter your gardening style, these “must-haves” can make your gardening chores easier.

Spring Clean Your Gardens & Farm

Here’s a checklist to get you started on cleaning your gardens, barn and outbuildings—and get them ready for the growing season.

Trellising Fruits and Vegetables Saves Garden Space

Trellising fruits and vegetables is a gardening technique that keeps plants off the ground, improves production and increases usable space. It also prevents your harvest, particularly tomatoes, from rotting.

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