chicken chickens blind cataracts
When Chickens Are Afflicted With Cataracts

Chickens, especially older ones, can develop cataracts, leading to blindness and difficulties. Here’s what you can do to help vision-disabled birds in your flock.

HPAI avian influenza chickens chicken
Your Avian Influenza Concerns Addressed

Avian influenza is in the news, and that means chicken-keepers have questions. In this article, we try to answer the most common queries from concerned keepers.

noisy chicken chickens hen hens
Noisy Chickens: All About Fowl Language

It’s true that roosters can make quite a racket. But female chickens get plenty noisy, too, and these communications are nothing to worry about.

chicken cannibals cannibalism chickens
The Truth About Chickens & Cannibalism

It’s a real question: Is cannibalism common among chickens? And while there is a clear answer, keepers do need to keep an eye out for certain behaviors and conditions.