lambs sheep lamb ringwomb
Ringwomb Is A Dangerous Lambing Complication

Ringwomb, or incomplete dilation of the cervix, is a commonly encountered issue during lambing season. Read more to learn how to identify this condition and what to do if it happens on your farm.

fistulated cow fistula rumen
Rumen Woes? A Fistulated Cow Can Help

When a cow gets sick, so can its rumen. But a transplant from a fistulated cow—with a surgically implanted access portal—can help.

livestock birth
Best Practices For Livestock Birth Season

Spring is delivery time on the hobby farm, so here are some considerations to make sure you’re ready for livestock birth and the arrival of baby animals.

Africa swine fever
African Swine Fever: An Update

African Swine Fever is a highly lethal viral disease in swine that has recently been reported in part of the Caribbean. Here’s what hobby pig farmers need to know.